Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm still here!

I cannot believe I've been on vacation for 2 weeks and not posted yet! Such a bad blogger these days. But I've been busy, the GOOD fun kind, so that's my valid excuse!!
I have never loved summer vacation like I love it now!! With Carson almost one year (holy cow!) he's growing and changing constantly and I'm so lucky to have this time off work to spend with him. Next to having the privilege of not leaving to go to work every day, having all this time off is the next best thing, no question about it.
Here are his monthly updated pictures....
10 months:

11 months:

I still am in shock that he's going to be one year old in a week! Eeeek!
He is walking very well behind a push toy or pulling himself along the couch, coffee table, ect. I suspect he'll be walking on his own soon! He loves the bath, stroller walks, crawling, chasing the dog's tail, laughing, eating, playing, and he absolutely goes crazy to push baskets or boxes and throw objects in them at the same time. His laugh is precious, music to my ears and kind of sounds like Donald Duck, so cute! He attended his first wedding on Saturday and Kenny put him on his shoulders while he danced on the dance floor and LOVED it! Carson also saw his first fireworks show this weekend and clapped through them, what a trooper! That concludes the baby updates for now.
In husband news, Kenny's birthday is today. Happy HAPPY birthday to my man, BFF, partner in crime, sounding board and companion. I love you more that I can say! I know you are working all day honey, but just know that Carson and I are wishing you a very happy day!