Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday Moans

Okay I want to start something new's called the Monday Moans. Here goes:

My Monday Moans

1. It's too frigging hot!

2. It's too humid too!

3. I have too many unfinished projects that I don't know where to start!

4. Tomorrow is the first day of August....where has the summer gone already?

5. I have only lost 2 pounds this summer....2 POUNDS!

6. My hamster is very old and sick:(

7. Gas is too expensive!

8. We haven't gone camping yet this summer due to the heat.

9. I need a swimming pool at my place!

10. The laundry NEVER ends!

I tag Tasha, Brandi (I know you already posted today), Niki, Lisa to do it too!!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Rainy Sunday

Today is one of those days that just lingers. It's rainy, supposed to thunderstorm (which I like!) and it's an all-in-all blah day. I like these kinds of days, where you don't have anything pressing to take care of, time to just sit and relax. Kenny had an appointment this afternoon, but we had to cancel due to weather. So our day is free. When I came back from the gym, in the rearview mirror the sky was completely blue, like something you see in a magazine or movie. I had to turn my head and look to make sure I wasn't seeing things. It was beautiful! I wish I had my camera with me because I would have stopped and gotten a picture. Describing it just doesn't do it justice. I know many people don't like rain or storms, but I love them. They remind me of when my family lived out in the country, and you could smell the storm coming an hour before it started. My mom would always tell us to "hurry and put your toys away before it starts raining" and we would run around and grab all the toys and stash them in the barn. Then we would go inside and because we lived in a big old farm house, there was no AC, so the windows and doors would have screens in them, and you smell the storm from inside. It's one of the most vivid memories I have growing up. That smell is unforgettable. I can smell it sometimes here where we live now, only once in a while, but it never compares to when I was a kid. I would stand at the door with my hands on the screen and just breathe it in.....hmmm....what a sweet smell. Now when it rains, I still enjoy looking through the windows, safe and sound in the lovely AC. And at the beginning of every storm, as a habit, I still think to myself, "Are all my toys put away?"

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Craigslist & Humidity (2 Part Post)

Uh oh. I've discovered something new to do online. Craigslist. I'm sure many people have already heard of it and used it, as it's not brand new. But I've just newly discovered it and already bought something for my classroom. It's super easy to use, even more so than ebay because you don't have to register or have a paypal account or even bid. You just go to craiglist, search in the area you live in, and if you see something you like, email the person. They either email you back or they don't, and if they do, you make arrangements to pick it up. WAY TOO CONVENIENT. My friend Mary has bought about 25 items since I told her about it, 2 weeks ago! A person could their home with everything needed and then some. Kenny thought it was funny that you can take out a personal add on craigslist too. I ignored him:) You can also click on the free link and see what people are GIVING away and also list things that you are looking for, such as boxes for moving. I think the best way to describe it is to say it's a garage sale online. Another way to bargain shop. Love it.

On another note, I HATE HUMIDITY. I am going to complain about the weather right now, so if you don't want to hear it, stop reading. I absolutely cannot stand humidity. It's so hot and humid here in Michigan today that it's hard to breathe. I haven't left home for very long because it's in the mid 90's and about 75% humidity and it makes me feel miserable. Kenny suggested we go putt-putting today. I told him to step outside and then decide if he still wanted to go. He walked outside, and shook his head. No way. It's sunny and pretty, but it's a tease because once you're out there, even if you're standing still, you will be sweating!!! Not to mention frizzy hair and runny makeup and sticky clothes. I could go on and on and on about how much I can't stand muggy weather, but I think I've gotten my point across now. Ugh. Thank goodness for AC on days like this.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Want To Achieve This Summer

1. Spend time with Kenny
2. Go camping on Lake Michigan
3. Go to more Tigers' games
4. Spend time with family I don't get to see often
5. Have a "Girls' Day at the Beach"
6. Help my brother at Park Lane
7. Finish unfinished craft projects (there's a million of them)
8. Work out consistently 3 times a week
9. Work with Kenny
10. Watch Dr. Phil sometimes
11. Clean out ALL closets
12. Read some good books that I've bought and haven't had time to read yet
13. See some good movies at the theater

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


For the longest time now Kenny and I have been referring to the word banshee. It comes up in conversations like this:

Me: I'm as tired as a banshee.
Kenny: A banshee?
Me: A banshee...(then we both laugh)
Kenny: I slept like a banshee last night.
Me: A banchee?
Kenny: Yup, a banshee.

And then, occasionally:

Me: What do you think banshee means?
Kenny: I don't know.
Me: Let's google it.
Kenny: No, cause then we can't use it the way we do. It'll have a meaning and that just takes the fun out of saying it.

Well, tonight I googled it and this is what I got:

In Irish legend, a Banshee is a female spirit/fairy that wails to warn of a death. The word 'banshee' comes from the old Irish words 'ben', a woman, and 'side' a fairie, and means 'woman of the fairies'. The legend of the Banshees has been an integral part of Irish folklore for hundreds of years.

I haven't broken the news to Kenny yet, but I don't think I'll be using the word in the pretenses that we have been saying it lately. He's right....finding out what banshee means took all the fun out of it.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"Cheap Teachers"

Yesterday my friend Lisa was in town visiting from Traverse City, and we got together and had breakfast and lots of coffee. I got to play with her energetic pooch Jasper who I had not seen since he was a puppy. What fun! Then we did some shopping, including some back-to-school deals because, sadly, it is that time of year already and we are both teachers
So when you see sale signs for notebooks and folders for 5 cents, tell someone you know who is a teacher, and they will be your new best friend! Someone once told me, "...teachers tend to be the cheapest people I know." Well, I thought about that, and thought about it some more, and then was irritated and offended by it, but then, it hit me: HE'S RIGHT! We have to be cheap for 3 reasons. 1) Schools don't pay for jack s#$* that a teacher really needs in her classroom, 2) We are buying in bulk, and 3) Most things you see in a classroom are bought solely by the teacher....books, decor, manipulatives....the list goes on. It's like going into the greatest shoe store, knowing that you can look like the hottest momma in town with the most expensive pair of shoes in the store, but since you can't afford the most expensive pair and you still want to look hot, you're in a jam. What to do? Beg, steal, and borrow. Okay, not really steal, but you get the drift. That's why teachers swarm sales and discounts, garage sales, wholesale warehouses, ebay, craigs list, the dollar store, ect. I don't care what district a teacher works in, she has spent TONS of her hard earned money on TONS of things for her classroom. So when I think about the comment that was made about teachers being the cheapest people, there's a pretty good reason as to why. And I'm not ashamed to admit it either. I love bargains and I especially love the dollar store because
I'm a cheap teacher.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dear Zoe

Because I'm on summer vacation these days, I have lots of time to read, one of my favorite things to do. About 5 minutes ago I finished the latest book, Dear Zoe, and it was brilliant! It's similar to The Lovely Bones in the way it's written about a family getting over a child's death. But instead of the lost family member narrating, it's a sibling talking about life after losing her sister, Zoe. It's not too sad, although there are sad parts, but it's what comes from those sad parts that makes it so good. If I could go back to 1997 when I started my bachelors degree, I would probably have gone into child psychology, and this book is EXACTLY why I would have done that. I love seeing the way people react to situations (good & bad) and then analyze what could be a better solution to the problem. I'm always analyzing things, especially in behavior patterns. The ending is especially good, and I won't give it away in case anyone actually reads it, but I've read quite a few books this summer already, and this one is the best so far.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Fun Friday

I spent most of the day Friday in Toledo at The Park Lane helping my brother out with some decorative issues. There are several floral arrangements that needed to be spruced up, so that's what I did! Happily I took a short drive to the Hobby Lobby right there in Toledo and picked out what was needed. It took me MANY hours to make one flower arrangement, consequently, I only finished one. I'll have to work on my speediness and quit being Ms. Perfection. The old arrangement had silk fruit.....ugh. The new arrangement is beautiful! Here's the before and after pics. Back at home we watched the Tigers win (what was up with the 9th inning??) and then went to see You, Me and Dupree and it was AWESOME!! We haven't been to the movies in a long time because there hasn't been much to see, but this movie was hilarious!! I give it 4 stars, so get yourself the theaters this weekend and watch it!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The process, the product

I am forever catching up on scrapbooking. I started this messy, expensive, addictive craft when I was in college and worked at a craft store. So it wasn't all that expensive with my discount. But as the craft has progressed, so have the prices. But I still do it! And when it's done, I love it, and I love sharing it with people, and of COURSE Kenny loves it too. Mostly because he doesn't have to do it, he just gets to enjoy it, but that's okay, since I'm the one who loves creating. For anyone who does scrapbooking, they know it's a lengthy process of colors, decisions, shapes, scissors, stickers, and the most important part...photographs. Scrapbooking takes a while, and I usually make a mess, and I don't clean it up until I'm all done. What's the point? When I scrapbook, I create all the pages, put them in page protectors, then I make the cover of the album. I have no idea where the idea came from, but after I did it one time, I fell in love with the idea. I won't bore you with the details of how I make the cover, you can just see it in the pictures! Like I said, I love making these scrapbooks because not only do I get the personalized pages, but the album itself is personalized. I let Kenny pick out the fabric this time, and, of course, he choose blue stars! You can see in the pictures the messy process and the cute CUTE product!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tigers Game

We went to the Tigers game last was packed! I've been going to Tigers games my whole life, and NEVER has it been packed like this! It was fun, more so than when the stands are half empty! We had amazing seats too, only a few rows behind home plate. The Tigers have had an incredible comeback this season for anyone who doesn't follow baseball, and with new manager Jim Leeland, they are on their way to bigger and better things. Kenny got some cool pictures because we were so close, and then some other pictures just because he knows who my favorite players are. It was fun to see the Chicago White Sox too, but I'm still so very faithful to players of the D. The rest of the pictures are here!

Monday, July 17, 2006

What I'm making this week

While Kenny was gone for almost a week, I had plenty of time to do my favorite thing...anything crafty, hence my blog's website address. Last week I made new pillow covers for the decorative throw pillows on the couch. We chose the dark red plaid because of our love for up north things, and all the country-esque decor we have saved for our new home when we buy it will match. I also am into buying those orange clay pots and painting them in different shades of purple, one of my favorite colors. I just trasfer my plants from their old pots into the new, purple-painted ones. This one in particular I painted a medium purple shade and sponged silver over it, creating a cloudy look. I'm working on a few other things, and I'll post them as they are finished.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Out with the girls

When I was younger, high-school-ish aged, there was never a shortage of available friends or places to go or even energy to be on the run all the time. As I get older, there are less friends (real ones), less time to just relax with people we enjoy, and less energy to do it all. Since Kenny has been gone all week, I've had lots of time to chill out and think about this, and I decided it was time to hang out with some ladies that I work with. We had such a fun time here, laughing, gabbing, just being girls. I miss this. It doesn't happen often enough. Time to MAKE time for these kinds of things.

Friday, July 14, 2006

I've been tagged!

I was tagged by Tasha with the FOUR game...

1. Four Jobs I've Had In My Life
Substitute teacher
Cashier at a craft store
Cleaning company (residential & business)
The Dairy Bar (ice cream)

2. Four Movies I Could Watch Over & Over
Something's Gotta Give
Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Mystic Pizza
Ferris Buehler's Day Off

3. Four Places I've Lived
Onsted, MI
Kalamazoo, MI
Dearborn Heights, MI
Farmington Hills, MI

4. Four TV Shows I Watch
Desperate Housewives
Grey's Anatomy
American Idol
Fox News

5. Four Places I've Been On Vacation
Santa Barbara, CA
The Virgin Islands
Tampa, FL
Myrtle Beach, SC

6. Four Websites Visited Daily

7. Four Favorite Foods
My taco salad
Grilled cheese sandwich

8. Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now
In Orlando with Kenny:(
On a beach
In a new house

9. Four Places I Would Like To Go/Visit One Day
Cayman Islands
St. Lucia

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thirteen Thursday

I got this idea from my best blogging buddy's called Thirteen Thursday. Here goes.

13 Reasons to Avoid Masters Class Homework Today

1. It's a beautiful day outside....rare for SE Michiganders.

2. Kenny's out of town, so someone needs to do his share of procrastinating while he's gone.

3. I already worked today...summer school from 9am-noon.

4. I worked out after summer school: treadmill for 30 and swimming for 30.

5. Hello, nap time?

6. It's not due till Wednesday at midnight.

7. My new camera will be here (I'm really reaching on this one).

8. I'm waiting for 2 phone calls.

9. I have to watch and return the 2 movies I rented by midnight or I'll get a late fee.....again.

10. I need to catch up on scrapbooking.

11. There are a few closets I could clean out.

12. I could go and hang out with my friend Mary who is also a teacher and has the time off, who should also be doing her masters class homework.

13. Manicure and pedicure?

Are any of these really valid?? I don't care. I'm not doing the work. Just not doing it.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New Baby on the way....

I feel like a kid right before Christmas...... I just ordered my NEW camera today and I'M SO EXCITED! It's been a while since I had a digital and I MISS IT SO MUCH. I used to have a camera attached to my hip at all times. And since my trusty digital Kodak (may he rest in peace) took a poop last year, sadly, I've been without camera. This is almost as bad as going without.....a paycheck. So I've been using you-know-who's for a while, but it's hard because he uses it for business daily. So I just decided to throw down the loot and get my own once again. I wish I didn't know that it was already ordered...I just want it to show up at my door and not have to know it's going to take a few days. Oh, the agony of waiting....

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

100 Things

1. I love to drink coffee on my drive to work.
2. I loved high school.
3. I liked college.
4. I miss playing high school softball.
5. Kenny is the love of my life and my “bestest” friend.
6. He puts up with all my shit (and I, his).
7. I (secretly) enjoy seeing remnants (small messes and piles) of Kenny anywhere around our place, especially when he’s out working. But then I get mad that I have to clean it up.
8. Missy was my favorite cat in the WHOLE world! (she died this year.....18 years OLD)
9. I love to ride my brother’s 4-wheeler in my mom’s backyard...wheeee!!
10. Can’t wait to have kids!
11. My favorite profession is just what I’m many people can actually say that?
12. I take everything to heart, even when I shouldn’t, and I know it.
13. I cry A LOT.
14. My girlfriends are the best money could buy:)
15. I love the NBA.
16. I met
Bo Shembeckler last fall and got his autograph. Nice guy!
17. Sometimes, I’m not a perfect teacher to my students and I let them watch a movie.
18. My birthday (Dec. 10th) is my Uncle Joel’s half birthday, and vice versa.
19. My Aunt Nano is missed by her oldest niece!
20. When I drive home from work there is NO NOISE, and
...I wait at least 15 minutes to turn my phone on.
21. I only have 3 boxes of stuff left in my mom’s basement! WooHoo!!
22. I don’t call my parents nearly as often as I should:(
23. My brother is co-owner of an old hotel in Toledo.
24. My favorite American Idol 2006 was
25. If I had to compare myself to a
Golden Girl, I’d be a smart Rose.
26. If I had to compare myself to a
Desperate Housewife, I’d be Susan.
27. I love camping.
28. I have a step-brother and 2 step-sisters.
29. My dad’s middle name is Riley, which I have always liked, even before it was popular.
30. My “movie star” name is Sally Morley (take your first pet’s name and the name of the first street you lived on).
31. Humidity is the enemy.
32. I grew up on a farm and loved it!
33. Weekly
massages are always on my calendar.
34. I’m half way done with my masters degree.
35. My neighbors would agree that I am good to them.
36. I have a snake plant that came from my great grandmother.
37. Cat lover through and through.
39. Learning to love dogs too.
40. I’ll admit that I’ve garbage picked a time or two:)
41. I sneak into movies often.
42. Love to read before I fall asleep.
43. I LOVE LOVE LOVE naps in the afternoon.
44. My friend Mary was on
Extreme Makeover.
45. I believe in God.
46. Every night when I’m about half way through saying my prayers, I fall asleep.
47. Favorite Quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” - Wayne Gretzky (I acquired this from Kenny)
48. Kenny has finally realized that I have a picture’s about time!
49. I’ve learned how to sneak into many things.
50. I’ve only been dumped out of a canoe two times in my life.
51. I am SLOWLY learning to play golf.
52. Not sure how happy I am about the golf thing.
53. I just recently discovered how cool bamboo plants are.
54. I would do ANYTHING for Kenny and my family. ANYTHING.
55. I’m so glad that Bethy finally moved back home.
56. And I’m really happy that she found a great guy here too.
57. In the summer, I have lots of time on my hands and I turn into a cleaning freak.
58. I steam cleaned the carpet today.
59. Cancer has affected many people in my life.
60. I am worried about how it will affect me personally.
61. I get YEARLY mammograms, and I’m only 27.
62. That should tell you how scared I am.
63. I have watched someone die of cancer, and it made me put lots of things into perspective.
64. The main lesson I learned....LIVE FOR TODAY.
65. I have envisioned my life with Kenny since I met him when I was 21.
66. We didn’t start dating for 2 years, but I knew he would be a significant part of my life.
67. I was right!
68. A favorite childhood memory is of my dad doing his leg exercises (for his back) while we watched the Tigers on TV in the summer time.
69. Another favorite memory is when my parents took us to see the hundreds of hot air balloons take off at 6am once every summer.
70. I miss my pony, Sally. She was so stubborn and I loved her.
71. I cut Sally’s tail almost completely off when I was brushing her mane one time. It was all tangled and I thought that was what I was supposed to do. Oops.
72. I was the only girl cousin on either side of my family until I was 10.
73. Oranges are my favorite fruit.
74. Bethy, Niki, Danielle and I have been friends since kindergarten WAY back in 1984 and we are STILL friends.
75. I miss the country life where I grew up.
76. I might be too “suburban-ized” now, but I still miss the country.
77. Eating anything out of the water is off limits for me.
78. I HATE seafood. Ugh.
79. I love houseplants.
Dukes of Hazzard plays daily on the DVD player (old episodes, NOT the movie).
81. I played the trumpet for 8 years.
82. My softball number is 6 for Al Kaline.
83. I almost never make the bed, even though my mother taught me to.
84. When my grandparents came over when I was younger, my grandpa would check to see if my bed was made.
85. I had the same roommate (Amanda) in college for all 5 years, which is rare.
86. Amanda and I grew up together, and everyone told us that being roommates wouldn’t work out. But it did!
87. We are still friends. When you live with someone that long, it’s more like sisters.
88. Amanda still lives in Kalamazoo where we went to
college, and I miss her!
89. After the dorms, we lived in a 4 bedroom apartment for 3 years and in that time had 10 different roommates!
90. When we buy our house, I want to get a cocker spaniel.
91. Kenny wants a black lab.
92. We’ll probably have to compromise and end up with a mutt.
93. I read
The Enquirer EVERY week.
94. And
People Magazine, too.
95. I’ve had the same email address since 1997....that’s almost 10 years!
96. I graduated from high school in 1997....and THAT’S almost 10 years ago. Scary!
97. My favorite color is purple.
98. I do the laundry very late at night.
99. I just discovered the joy of books on CD in the car.
100. I must be the only person left who doesn’t have an IPOD.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Where did the Smurfs Go?

I was talking to a friend recently about cartoons that some of my students watch these days, and the topic of cartoons when we were little came up. My brother and I ADORED The Smurfs. I even had a Smurf sleeping bag and sheets, and of course stuffed animals. I realized that you don't see Smurf stuff anywhere now, not like Garfield or Strawberry Shortcake or Charlie Brown or any other cartoon character that was around when I was little. What happened to The Smurfs? My parents didn't really save any of their favorite cartoon items from their childhood to share with my brother and I, but my uncle did, and he gave us a copy of The Little Rascals when we were younger. My brother and I loved it! We bought more episodes to watch, and I'm thinking that I want to buy some Smurf episodes on DVD now so that one day when I have kids I can show them the stuff that I worshiped when I was little. So that's my goal this week (Week 3 of summer vacation): find some Smurf DVDs on ebay to bid on and save for my own kids one day. And in the mean time, I'll keep the DVDs warm by taking a trip down memory lane all by myself, with Kenny sitting right next to me, of course.

Friday, July 07, 2006

5 Things

I was tagged by goes!!

5 things in my fridge:
1. Dannon Water
2. Sierra Mist
3. Old Milk
4. Weight Watchers Yogurt
5. Iced Tea

5 things in my closet:
1. Golf clubs that I don't use
2. Shoes
3. Purses
4. Christmas decorations
5. Some classroom stuff

5 things in my purse:
1. Wallet
2. Phone
3. Hair ties
4. Hand sanitizer
5. Kenny's Costco card

5 things in my car:
1. Hair ties
2. CD's
3. Teaching stuff (in the trunk)
4. Sunblock
5. Sunglasses

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy 4th of July

We spent the weekend at Kenny's family lake house. It was soooooo relaxing. I took my fun books and my college books and read both, okay, I really only read the fun ones, but you know how that is! We spent hours and hours doing NOTHING sitting on the deck and the pontoon (sp?) boat. Including in the festivities were 3 days of fireworks and firecrackers from neighbors, playing catch, learning to play golf, and fishing. Kenny and his nephews did the fishing while I relaxed on the boat. When we came home last night, it hit me just how much I needed to get away. It's been waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long since we got away like that. Here are a few pics from the weekend. Hope everyone had a great 4th!