Sunday, March 30, 2008


We are members!!!

Kenny and I went through membership classes at the church he grew up going to and where we're getting married. We finished the classes a month ago, but we were accempted into the congregation officially today. It was cool. I've never been a member of a church before. The church I grew up attending is where I was baptized, but somewhere along the way my mom decided to go back to her childhood church, which is where I always envisioned getting married, but happens to be an hour away from where we live. So because we plan on staying in this area for the long haul, it made sense to become members (plus we save a few bucks by being members when we get married) and eventually raise our kids (yay!!!) in that church as well. Anyway, we are now members. And it feels good to belong!

This is the last day of vacation. And man did it fly. They always do. I really got a lot done on this break including wedding stuff and household stuff. I feel good about it!

I'm on my way outside to play with the puppy and pick up the messes in the backyard that she made with our recycling bins. I am SO thankful for this vacation. My brain needed the break from teaching. I'm not ready to go back to work, especially with all the end-of-the-year things that are coming up which require more thinking and preparing, but I have no choice, and like I said, I am completely thankful for the brain rest. It does a body good:)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Me Lovey Vacation

Today was a true vacation day. I slept in (I almost NEVER do that even when I can) and had breakfast/lunch with my friend Mary. Then we did a teeny bit of shopping and I went to get the last of the wedding ribbon (I hope!). I came home and worked on some wedding stuff and watched TV and veged. Talk about relaxing!! Now I am doing some spring cleaning. It's hard to get into the mind set of SPRING when we got dumped on with snow again last night. A bunch of schools who were not on spring break this week had a snow day. Why couldn't it have been saved for next week??? The sun was out today, it was actually a beautiful day, so the snow has melted fast. It might even be gone in another day or so. I'm working on projects around the house tonight that have gone undone for far too long. A spot in the shower that needs to be caulked, holes in the wall that I put there when I was trying to hang curtains LAST April...I filled the holes AND painted (red) over it. Hopefully there won't be any spotting. If there is, I don't care, it's done. And I'm probably the only person who would see it anyway. I also am changing about 354 light bulbs. They all seem to have blown at the same time. I'm actually out of them now so I'll have to restock tomorrow. I might even try to finish the painting in the kitchen that has been waiting since last spring too. We'll see. That's pushing it:) I never said I would finish the unfinished projects....just work on them, right?? It's that what procrastinating is all about?? I wish vacation could last forever:) Just imagine all the things I could get done. Or start!!
Puppy News: BB learned to SHAKE!!! She is so happy to offer up her paws that she'll try to do both at the same time and then falls over. It doesn't get any cuter! She is such a good puppy!! Even though she showers my clean house with her black hair every day, I love her!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Marriage License!! (edited with pics)


We went and got our marriage licence today!! I am more excited about it now than I was before we went. You know how I am....the camera is always with me, almost no matter what. Well, today I didn't have it. I thought of going downtown (when I'm on vacation from driving there EVERY DAY for work) as a pain in the butt. We were in the car on the way there and Kenny asks me about the camera, and I was like, "Why would I bring it here?" Duh!! Of course I should have brought it!! This is a monumentous moment!! Stupid me!! We got there and went through the metal detector and then up the escalator and then got stopped by a former student's parent. I hear my name being called in this big county building and I'm thinking who in the heck would know me....but it was fun to see her. She's one of those parents who you wish you could always keep around! Anyway, back to the story. Kenny was disappointed with me for not bringing the camera. I did take pics with my phone, but I have no idea how to get them off there onto the computer, so who knows if you will ever see them!! A few years ago Kenny was in the same office paying about 600 parking tickets and he was wearing a suit and sunglasses. When he walked in, the ladies behind the counter called him Mr. Hollywood because of how he looked. You can just imagine what it was like in there today. We walked in and he announces that Mr. Hollywood is back. He had the ladies behind the counter rolling. We filled out all the paperwork, of course Kenny forgets his drivers licence (thank goodness the birth certificate was enough) and then we pay and sign some more stuff and that was it. Everyone called him Mr. Hollywood, even people who didn't know him. And now I'm Mrs. Hollywood. Cute. Very cute. He just stirs everyone up wherever he goes!! So I am very sorry about not bringing my camera. I was more focused on not wanting to drive downtown on my week off than on what we were actually doing. Shame on me:( But it was still fun and still makes a cute story.

Like Lori says, this vacation has gone way too fast. It's almost over and I still have so much I want to do. But I have accomplished a lot, so I should just be greatful for the time off, and I am. A mental vacation is the best.

The last 2 days I worked with Kenny on site for about 8 hours each day, and the jobs he gave me were mindless, which is just what I needed. I didn't think about anything work related or even wedding related...just worked and cleared my head and it was awesome. It's so refreshing to do stuff that has nothing to do with teaching!!

As Kenny would say, I'm off like a prom dress!!!I want to get some stuff done around the house!!! He always uses that prom dress line.....he's crazy if you haven' figured it out yet!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Done with the Dentist!

Yesterday my dentist appointment wasn't so bad...the only pain was later on in the day and was my jaw because I had my mouth opened for almost 2 hours...but it's all done and thank goodness! I have never been so scared of a drill sound, but I didn't feel a thing!!

I got up early and worked with Kenny all day, and I'll do it again tomorrow too. I know it's my vacation, but his money is my money and I like doing work that is so different from mine...the empty mindedness of it is refreshing. I have accomplished so much wedding stuff this week and it's not even halfway over yet!! I am just loving this vacation. Why can't I feel like this all the time??

One month from tomorrow I will be Mrs. Kenny. Oh my gosh. I've been waiting 5 1/2 years for this. Actually I've known Kenny longer than the time we have been together, and even though we didn't date for 2 years, I just knew he was the one. So I guess I've been waiting 7 years. Whatever it is, I can't believe it's a month away. I am SO READY!! And excited!! And nervous!! AND HAPPY!!!! He keeps saying he can't wait for me to be his wife. It just makes me smile even more. Today he asked me if I thought there was anything else I needed to know about him before we get married. I just laughed. I am sure there is plenty I will learn over the years that I don't know now....that's part of the charm of marriage, right?? He's so cute asking questions and just being romantic all the time. What a guy. I know I'm so mushy, but I can't help it!!

Monday, March 24, 2008


They are done!!!
My bouquet took me about an hour and a half to make. That's not bad considering what a perfectionist I am and how many times I usually have to redo things....I didn't redo it even once!
Here's my bouquet:

And the bridesmaids' bouquets:

And I even made a goofy throw bouquet:

I LOVE doing anything with flowers. I should just open up my own business with flowers now. It's something to think about when I get frustrated with teaching.

In a couple hours there will be some drilling going on in my mouth. Scary. Very scary. Not looking forward to it. Wish me luck:)

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter!!

Today has been the most relaxing holiday ever. And we still have the rest of the day!

Coloring Easter eggs.....

Church and dinner with Kenny's brothers (I made the entire dinner and it was awesome!!).....

I did make cake but no pics.....sorry!! It was marble cake with whipped chocolate frosting and sprinkles YUMMY!!

Kenny is happily napping on the couch and I'm totally take advantage of this to get some more wedding stuff done. I worked on the bouquets last night for baout 4 hours and they are done! All but mine that is, which is something I've been waiting to work on for weeks. I don't think I've looked forward to making something as much as I am looking forward to making my own bouquet. Crazy? Probably. But relaxing and fun, and a once-in-a-lifetime-project. I will have pictures when I'm done.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

VaCaTiOn BeGiNs

Yay! Vacation!!
Last week was so busy and it's all now just a huge ugly blur. Thank GOD it's over!

Kenny got home late last night and he brought another round of snow with him. Yipee!

My mom was here Thursday evening and we went to get my wedding dress altered (1st time) and her's too, and then we had dinner (I made pot roast, I'm bragging because I don't cook that often), and then we went shopping for some wedding stuff. Saturday I made breakfast (what's going on with me????) and then we went shopping for more things for her to wear on wedding day...nylons, jewelry, shoes....and just had a great time. We even got ready together in the bathroom and she wanted makeup tips for wedding day....I'm not the expert, but it was super fun. My mom lives over an hour away, so to be able to do these things with her is a big deal to me. It was awesome. Then she left yesterday and I waited for Kenny to come home. And waited and waited and waited. He was stuck is rush hour traffic on the freeway PLUS bad weather driving. Ugh. He finally made it though, all in one piece.

We are staying home for Easter tomorrow. I think it's the first time in my life I have stayed home on a holiday. We're going to church (newly members now) and then Kenny's brother is coming over for dinner. I'm making spaghetti and meatballs (there's a first time for everything, right??), veges, salad, rolls (I won't be eating them) and marble cake with hersheys chocolate frosting for dessert. We'll see if I can pull it all off without ruining anything. Keep your fingers crossed!

Happy Easter!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Just one more day!

Today was better than the last couple of days. We had conferences at school which made the day super long, but it was still okay. Just one more day with kids. They are so exhausting right now. Spring break is really getting them riled up (go read Lori's post....I'm not kidding!). And that makes it sooooo hard to deal! So I'm keeping them super busy. I do let them watch movies while they are working on days like tomorrow....and we are having my favorite treats too.....graham cracker and frosting sandwiches!! That is their reward for earning 15 compliments. It's cheaper than pizza! And I dyed the frosting green for St. Patrick's Day. I know it's a few days late but who cares. They love it. I'm just adding to their hyperness. I know their parents love me when the kids get home.

My mom is coming tomorrow and we're going to my first wedding dress alteration appointment. Yay!! I can't wait!! I'm so excited just to put the thing on with the good bra!! I wish I could post pics but Kenny will peek because he's a sneak.

I MISS Kenny. There's no one here to bitch to when the dog is in my way and there's no one to bring me a glass of water when I'm sleeping and my mouth is dry. He NEEDS to come home now. 2 more days. I will be fine after my mom gets here tomorrow, and she's staying until Kenny gets home late Friday night. That will pass the time having her here. And she will get to spend quality time with her grandpup while I'm still at work tomorrow too! Actually, my mom is not a dog person, and her question on the phone tonight was, "What do I have to do with the dog? Will she jump all over me again?" Yes mom, of course she will. She's only 8 months and still very hyper and exciteable! I told her to put her in the backyard if she's too much. We'll see how it goes when I get home.

Gotta get to sleep so I'm not a totaly zombie in the morning!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Day From H*&#

........very long with lots of complaining.......
Monday was h#@* after 4pm. Work/school was great. I came home and went to pick up the puppy from our good friend who is puppy sitting during the day since Kenny is out of town for the week (the puppy is usually with him all day working). That was great. I went home and dropped her off after playing outside for about 30 minutes. I had a dentist appointment at 6pm so I changed and crated the puppy and was on my way. Always having had good teeth, only one cavity as a kid, 4 1/2 years of braces, I never ever stress about the dentist. This was a new dentist because the one I had been going to for the last 2 years was unorganized, always screwed up my insurance coverage, the story is a long one but I'll spare you the stupid details and just say that I was never happy going there. So I got to the new dentist office, filled out the paper work, got impressions for the bleaching that I get for free as a new patient (perfect timing for the wedding!!!!). Then the hygenist starts in with the cleaning. She notices one problem area, nothing too major...right? Wrong. The dentist comes in, and I ended up with FOUR LARGE CAVITIES. Did you read that??? I was DEVASTATED. I repeat, DEVASTATED. And in tears (but really, the tears are pretty constant around here lately). So this just confirms that I made the right choice by switching dentists because I had my teeth cleaned 8 months ago by the old in the heck is it possible to have ZERO problems in my mouth 8 months ago and now I have 4 large cavities???? I asked the new dentist this, and she very kindly (without ripping on my old dentist) said that some dentists wait until the cavity is of a larger size to fill. WHY????? I am so thankful that I switched dentists. But that's not the end of the story. My four front top teeth were built up after my braces came off 14 years ago because they were small. So my real teeth are there, but made larger. Well those veneers only last about 10 years and then need to be replaced because of decay (not a cavity decay, but just tooth decay in general). It's time to replace them NOW. And because that is cosmetic, it will cost. My new dentist is going to get the insurance company to pay for half of the veneers, so at least it won't be too much, but it will still be enough. Plus the copay for the cavities, which isn't too much either, but times four it sure adds up. Can you see why I'm stressed?? I have never EVER had issues with my teeth like this, and now it's all at once. I am so embarrassed about having 4 cavities. I'm so good about not eating candy much because I'm always trying to lose weight, and I brush my teeth twice a day. When you look at my teeth, they are pretty. I've always been so proud of my teeth. Hmph. So I leave the dentist's office in shock and in tears. I'm getting the cavities filled (I can't even believe I am saying that) on Monday, the first day of my spring break, and because there are 4 big ones, I'll be knocked out. What a nice way to spend the first day of vacation. Why couldn't it happen when I could take a day or two from school??? Hmph. Anyway, the rest of the veneer stuff will be in a couple weeks. The dentist wants to do it before my wedding, which is nice, but really, you can't see any of the issues from the front of my teeth, so it's not going to make any difference. The bottom line is the cavities need to be filled and the veneers need to be replaced, and it just is something that I have to suck it up and pay for. Ugh.
So I leave the dentist's office. Pulling into the driveway I am thinking THANK GOD I am home and I am going to relax now. It's 830pm and I'm exhausted. I walk into the house and smell poop. The smell is so overwhelming that I gag in my mouth. I go into the spare bedroom where Puppy is in her crate and there is diarrhea everywhere. It's in the crate, on the puppy, on the walls behind the crate, on the closet doors, on my beautiful hardwoods, even on some clothes and pictures around the room. And the smell is HORRIBLE as you would guess. And the puppy is all excited to see me and making more of a mess. I threw up before I could even think of what to do. So after I threw up, I get the dog into the backyard and then get some rags and try to figure out how to clean the room and the crate without making more of a mess. Then I threw up a second time from the smell. I guess I'm going to be a lousy parent because I can't handle the smells. After 2 hours, I had it cleaned up. I won't go into details about that, but let's just say it was the worst thing I could have dealt with (aside from death) at the end of the day. I cried most of the way through the cleaning because of my teeth, the smell, the fact that I never wanted a puppy (I love her so much but she was ALL Kenny's idea), the fact that Kenny wasn't home and I hadn't talked to him all day, and just because I was plain tired.
I need a day off. I don't mean from work to stay home, I mean from LIFE. I want to just sit in a bookstore and read all day long, alone, with no one and nothing (including the dog) NEEDING anything from me. Teaching is so wearing because all day long I am needed. I give give give all day and then come home and give to the puppy and to Kenny (but I love that part) and give give give to the laundry and the house and EVERYTHING. Ugh. I can't even imagine if I had kiddos of my own, but I suppose that comes with the territory and I'll learn how to manage that. You moms out there have my total respect because I don't know how you go to work and then come home to the needs of others like that. I hope that I can find time on spring break to do this for myself, because I will go CRAZY if I don't. I also hope when I get home my house doesn't still smell like poop.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wedding Shower II

My stepmom gave me a second wedding shower was fun! I got to see some friends that I hadn't seen in a long time, since college, and then a couple that I see on a regular basis too. The shower was at my dad and stepmom's house, which is way out in the country, and there was beautiful sunny weather which made the drive nice and relaxing. My dad along with some uncles and my grandpa, and even a great uncle, dropped their wives off and went to dinner, then came back and "crashed" the end of the shower, which was cute!

My grandpa had a stroke a couple years back (he was 90 at the time) and it was a miracle that the only lasting effects on his body was with his speech. He slurs his words, but most of the time, you can understand him. He's still all with it mentally. Anyway, yesteday, at the end of the shower, when it was just family left, I was sitting next to him and I hugged him and he patted my arm and said, "so happy." I asked him if he was happy that I was getting married and he said, "oh yes, so happy." Talk about tears. I kept them in until I was driving home, then cried. How sweet. I am the oldest of a slew of grandchildren, and I was the only granddaughter for 10 years, so I know I have a special place in my grandpa's heart. He loves formal ceremonies, like graduations and weddings, so I know he is really excited about my wedding. And for him to tell me that was pretty cool. It's something I'll ALWAYS treasure. Here's a picture of us just before he said it.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

TGI Saturday

Oh the puppy playfulness that goes on!!!
(before you read this post, jump over to My Splatter Painted Life and read about Sasha....Lindsay and her family lost their ever-so-loved doggie and they could use the kind words)
We took BB to the park the other day and she had a blast. Kenny has taken her there many times, but it's during the day when I'm not home, so this time, I got to go and have fun too. I can't believe how big she is AND how stinkin' fast she runs. Just when you think she's running full speed, she kicks it into overdrive.
Running, running, running.....
Fetching the ball.....
Me swinging.....
My shoes.....
Blurry but cute.....
Today I am going to my second wedding shower at my dad and step-mom's house. I will post pictures tomorrow!! Happy Saturday!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I've Already Done This Morning!!
(it's not even 7am yet!!)
1. Showered
2. Dressed (I am going to work, you know)
3. Started a load of laundry
4. Folded and PUT AWAY a load of laundry
5. Payed 2 bills
6. Played with puppy
7. Gave Kenny a back rub
8. Packed my lunch
9. Downloaded pictures
10. Fed puppy
11. Looked at some wedding stuff online
12. THOUGHT about making coffee to take to work
13. Decided to stop at Tim Horton's instead!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Trip South

I'm back!!

My trip to Tennessee was waaaaay fun and waaaay short! We left Friday morning early and got back last night. A whirlwind trip! But worth it. One of my best friends (since we were born) got married and we just had to be there! Our trip there couldn't have come at a worst time for weather. On the way there, we encountered rain, snow, ice, sleet, fog, more rain, and more snow. And mostly everyone that we talked to at our stops along the way complained about the roads. The roads weren't that bad, but then again, we're from Michigan and we're used to junk on the roads. I traveled with another one of my best friends, also my coworker and copilot, Niki. Here's a picture of all 5 of us waaaaay back in the day. Actually, it was only 10 years ago. Who am I kidding? I'm just trying to make myself feel better. And yes, we were all band nerds, but all of us were in sports too.

left to right.....K, Niki, B(the one who just got married), me, and D, and yes, I was laughing!!

Anyway, here's the weather as we drove....



And then we stopped in Nashville to eat at Shoney's...and when we got back in the car, there was sleet going on. And I think we were feeling like we were NEVER GOING TO GET THERE!! But driving through the mountains, even though it was dark and icky, was still beautiful!

We woke up early Saturday morning and went to the hall (all we had to do was walk out of our door, and up some stairs) to help decorate. I tool the flowers I arranged and then helped arrange greenery and candles and all the pretty stuff. Then the wedding party disappeared to get ready and we went to have a good southern breakfast because that's all I hear about..."you HAVE to have biscuits and gravy while you are in the South." So we did. And I ate every last carb filled yummy morsel. Holy crap was it good! Even the coffee was better!

Here's the view from our room...imagine if it had been sunny!!


The wedding was beautiful, even though it was supposed to be outside. Everything went perfectly even though it wasn't was the bride and groom had been planning.




We left to drive home Sunday morning. Instead of going straight home, we stopped in Knoxville to pick up my aunt who rode home with us. Sunday was very sunny and pretty, so we got lots of gorgeous views of the mountains. I love it the ice on the mountains!


Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thirteen Things My Students Ask To Do On A Daily Basis
(and they know better too)

1. Can I get on the computer? (they have scheduled days)
2. Can I go to the bathroom? (they are supposed to ONLY raise their hand)
3. Can I call my momma? (let me just say "NO!")
4. Can I sharpen my pencil? (only during specific times)
5. Can I move my seat? (get along with peers please!!!)
6. Can I watch the kids on the computer? ("NOOOOOO!")
7. Can I help ______ with their work? (smile)
8. Can I get a book? (smile)
9. Can I help you Ms. L? (BIG smile)
10. Can I have some of your snack? ( begging!!)
11. Can I go to sleep? (please so)
12. Can I get extra work? (yes, you need it!)
13. Can I go home? (I wish I could say yes sometimes)
Do you see why my coined phrase of every day is, "NO MORE CAN I QUESTIONS!!" I have to admit though, even after all that, I still love 'em!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Snow Day #3


Yes, it's true, we have another snow day today. I think this makes 3 this school year! No complaints here! I woke up at 330am on the couch with Kenny and he basically pushed me off, so I arranged the pillows on the floor next to the couch and fell back asleep. I wasn't even thinking about not having school, it never dawned on me that I might not be making the treck to work today. At 430 my alarm went off, and I accidentally turned it off. Oooops. So at 530 when one of my copilots called me to see if I had heard any news about school being canceled, I was shocked at the time and irritated with myself for turning my alarm off (it happens way too often). I hadn't heard any news yet, but every single district around us and all the way to the city was closed, EXCEPT ours. Ugh. So I hung up with her and made a couple calls and within 20 minutes we figured out we didn't have school. I was relieved both because who doesn't like a day off and I would have been very late to work. So that's my morning!

The puppy is playing in the new snow. She LOVES it. She sticks her nose down in it and then brings something up.....sticks, a wrapper, whatever. She's so cute! And of course there's already a million new paw prints in our backyard from her and the squirrels. Once again I'm taking this opportunity of no work today to do wedding stuff. Believe it or not, there's not that much to do now. I'm still waiting on another small order of roses to make my own bouquet, but just about everything else is made and done! I know I'll have last minute things, and the favors are not done yet, but it's close.

I told my students yesterday that if they wear their pajamas backwards, we won't have school. I wasn't even thinking about a snow day for today, we were just talking about silly stuff. But it worked!!

Here are a couple funny things some of my kiddos said yesterday:

"The pigs at the zoo stink. They smell like a whole bunch of people farted in one room at the same time."

(I taught my students the saying "There are bigger fish to fry." I had to give them something to use/say/think during those situations that were not life and death important.)
"I'm going to fry another fish."
"I'm eatin' fried fish..." as she quickly walked away from the student who was irritating her.

You can see that they LOVE using the lines I give them to use, but they aren't quite sure how to use it!! Cute!

Monday, March 03, 2008


I don't really mean for there to be so many days in between postings. If only I had a less demanding job! I blinked and the weekend was over!!

Things are work are so busy. March is READING MONTH so we have activities planned constantly until spring break, which is the last week in March. The activities are fun for the kids, and even gives staff a chance to dress down once a week, which I love, but all these things are so time consuming.

Kenny left the puppy in the backyard today for 4 hours while he was working away from the house. He thought she would just play and be a dog, like she normally does when she's out there and we are home. He told me this on the phone around noon today. All I could think was BIG MISTAKE. And I was right!!

When I got home there were remains of two lounge chair pads (they WERE in the trash, now they ARE trash) scattered all over the backyard. I mean the stuffing was looked like Santa's beard was everywhere, with clumps of snow mixed in. Therewas a shovel handle and some other handle gnawed and scattered, and there was just plain crap everywhere. I guess this will teach Kenny, eh? Me telling him it wasn't such a great idea wasn't enough. Maybe this was. And no longer can we keep the recycling bin by the back door. Puppy can't handle it. She just can't leave it alone. What a mess.

On another note, when I came home from the gym tonight, I opened the closet to set my shoes in there (because I DO put my stuff away) and IT WAS CLEAN. AND NOT BY ME. I do all the cleaning around here all the time. I like it clean and my way, all the time. So imagine my surprise when I open the closet door and it was cleaned NOT by my hands. Awesome! Kenny, when you read this, THANK YOU HONEY!!!

I'm leaving for Tennessee on Friday morning for my friend's wedding, so this week will be a short one, which is good. However, having a sub is more work than just being there myself. So I have to prepare for that before I leave and pack. Oh no!! Off to bed I go!