Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chapped Lips

I should be fired from blogging!

My NEW New Years Resolution is to be a better blogger.

Time just gets away from me lately! Kenny has been so busy and I'm working with him on weekends and doing masters class stuff and trying to spring clean early. Why, you ask? Not really sure, maybe all the construction dust from our new room in the basement. I just feel like it needs to be done. I promised a video of the pup going crazy in the snow last week...here she is in all her glory, happy toting around a stupid pale...it doesn't take much to make her smile!

On the pregnancy topic, I'm still feeling WONDERFUL. I think I felt so miserable for so long that just feeling normal again is even better than I ever thought possible. I can't tell you how great it is to NOT have my head stuck in a toilet every day! I will do a couple prego pics this weekend. My excuse today is the camera is charging, that's the truth too. I will capture the moment this weekend though. I have some pregnancy questions for all you momma pros out there. I drink lots of water, especially now, and even though I use chapstick every single day, it's as if my lips aren't registering that there's chapstick on them and are constantly stinging. What is this??? Anyone ever had this problem? I put vasaline on them at night sometimes, but nothing is really working. I mean the chapstick works a little, but really, my lips are burning all the time from being so raw. Not fun. Any suggestions?

I'm off to work on masters stuff. Now that I have grown out of my regular pants, when I come home, I put on Kenny's favorite fleece pants and a big ole sweatshirt that he also loves....I think by the time I have this baby, I'll have taken over his whole wardrobe. He's isn't minding yet.

One more baby thing ('cause it's all I talk about apparently)...we are slated to find out what we're having NEXT Thursday...any guesses??

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration '09

We are watching the inauguration in our class ALL DAY LONG today. My kids are at lunch and I just watched the new first lady give the former first lady a journal and a pen....THAT gave me goosebumps. No matter who you voted for or who you think should be president right now, I think you just can't help but be involved in the aiauguration today. My students are loving having the TV on. They got to wear red, white, and blue clothes today instead of their uniforms, and they are really getting into the history that is on TV today. Pretty cool moments, watching the kids get into it like this. THEY are giving me goose bumps!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm here!

I am still here, just buried in snow and masters class work. I knew it would be hard to go back to finish up the last semester, I just never knew HOW hard, and I certainly didn't count on being pregnant while doing it. That really isn't a good excuse right now, but it's the only one I've got aside from being busy with my own job and Kenny's too. I'm actually lucky, I'll be done with the regular assignments by March 18th. That's less than 2 months away. And then after that it's just perfecting my portfolio (I use the word JUST loosely) and turning that in the first week in April. I can do it, I'm so close, it's just that not being in this program for 2 years and going back, when I should NEVER have stopped in the first place is really kicking my butt. Ugh. Oh well, live and learn, right?

I've spent 3 days of this 4 day weekend working with Kenny, so today I had to crunch in hours of work. Not fun. Especially when the laundry pile is taller than me. Where's that maid I ordered?? Tasha emailed me to find out if I was still kickin' over here....I am!! I have a cute video of the dog in the snow I took just to post here....it's going to have to wait until after tomorrow when my assignments are done for this week. Then I can slow down for a minute. Whew!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I blinked and the week was over

Already the first week back to school is over with, wow, time does fly! It was actually a great week. My nausea has almost completely subsided and I haven't been sick in a while, things are looking good these days! I have spent most of today putzing around the house between cleaning, laundry, and the TV. I need to finish the cleaning and start working on masters stuff, since I re-enrolled for this one last semester and have to get my butt in gear and get things going with it. Ugh. Nice timing, eh? I enrolled BEFORE I knew I was pregnant. I suppose it's better to do it now because once the baby is here, I'm told I won't want to do it. I am done with this class in April, and I'll graduate with the masters degree in May, and I'll be one FAT graduate at 8 months pregnant!
Being back at work was actually nice, especially since I'm in a good mood because I feel great. Before Christmas, I was miserable there. I had zero tolerence for anything, and I felt bad but my students probably couldn't stand me then. They don't know I'm having a baby, I'll probably hold out as long as I can to tell them. They will go crazy when I do!
Things are really moving along in our basement....we have drywall! At least half of it's done, and Kenny went and picked out paint last week. I'll keep it a surprise until it's painted though, and I think this is one project I can safely say I will have nothing to do with the choosing of the paint AND the actual painting....it's all on Kenny! This is HIS thing, not mine! I'll just be glad when it's done.
My students begged me to let them make gingerbread houses this week. The week before Christmas they were all assigned a certain item to bring in and we were all going to make gingerbread houses...then we had that snowday on the last day before vacation, so we didn't get ot make them. So we did it on Tuesday. They turned out really messy but really cute. I have to thank Tasha for the idea. Her daughter's class did the same thing and she put the bug in my ear to do it. Here's how they turned out:

Sunday, January 04, 2009

First Post of '09

It's already Day 4 of 2009! Happy New Year!

We were VERY lame on New Years. Evening is when I am the sickest, so going to our friends' annual New Years party was out of the question. We stayed home. I made homemade nachos and drank sparkling juice. At 11:45pm we drove to Kenny's parents' house to watch the ball drop with them and then it was lights out for me. Nothing too spectacular! But if I had to redo the evening over, I would have done the same thing. It was comfortable and relaxing.

On New Years Day we had a dinner for Kenny's parents....their wedding anniversary is January 3rd, this being their 53rd year of marriage! So I made them dinner and got them a cake....here they are....so happy and so cute together!


Today is my very last day of vacation. I have to say this has been the most relaxing, PJ-wearing, hair-in-ponytail, stay-at-home-and-hide vacation I have ever had. I loved EVERY minute of it. I'm sad to go back to work tomorrow, as in any other end of vacation. But I do like schedules and routines, so it will be nice to have that back. I'm not looking forward to dressing up every day, ironing, dress shoes, and all that, but at least we have casual days every Friday and I can wear my beloved jeans (now maternity style).


I visited my grandpa in the hospital a couple days ago. He and my grandma live in assisted living in a cute, teeny apartment and have been very happy there for about 5 years. My grandpa isn't seriously sick, but at 93 years of age, any sickness is an issue, and he was hospitalized just before Christmas. My grandma is able to visit him just about every day there too through the shuttle service or my aunts and uncles drive her. My grandpa was discharged yesterday, but not home, instead to a rehab place because he's so weak from being in bed for about 10 days. The problem is no one knows if he will be able to come home after that because he may need around the clock care. My grandma will not take that well, being without him, so when you say your daily prayers, say one for my grandparents. Thanks:)