Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

I am a hunter's widow this weekend again. Soooooo I got to hog Carson and love and kiss on him without interruptions all day today!! I decided not to pass out candy at our house because I was by myself, so I suited up my little tiger, put the dog in the backseat next to the carseat and drove to my inlaws. Carson was the cutest tiger I've ever seen!!! We had a good time over there and I got to see some of the neighbors and their kiddos too. It was a great first Halloween for Carson!!! If Halloween was this fun the first time around as a momma, I can only imagine what's in store for the next one!! Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Best Weekend

Oh what a weekend it's been!!! One of my BFFs flew in from Altanta on Friday and stayed with us. She hadn't met Carson as an outside baby yet (although she was here on my due date but Carson refused to be born on time!!!) so it was exciting!

Here is Bethy spoiling my baby.....

And here are the four of us plus our offspring so far.....

I am so THANKFUL and blessed that I have great friends both close and far. It's true what they say about high school friends: your first friends are your best friends!

Here is Niki playing with the peanut.....

Carson has changed so much in the last week. He is now rolling over and smiling and laughing all the time. He reaches out for his bottle and my hair ALL the time. He is kind of holding his bottle by himself, only when it's almost empty though. He is just growing so quickly!

Here he is rolling over!

Friday, October 23, 2009

No sleep for me!

I should be sleeping but if I don't post now I won't for a few days! I survived parent teacher conferences. Now I have a field trip to the orchard tomorrow and then a fun weekend with one of my BFFs visiting from Georgia. I'm so excited thinking about 33opm tomorrow. No more responsibilities other than my own.....Carson!!!

He started playing in the exersaucer this week. He loves it!!!
This is how he sleeps. He has done this since he was just weeks old. Those hands behind his silly! He reminds me of an old man when I peek in on him sleeping and see this. It still makes me smile every single time!

And this picture is just here because his expression is adorable. And the rattle he's wearing...

Now off to sleep, what few hours I'll be getting!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Diaper bag to pack, guest room to clean out, laundry to do, papers to grade (smilies & stickers) conferences tomorrow (longest days of the year), dog to wash, bottles to fill, the list is endless, and I've only just begun. Oh yeah, trash to take out including stinky diapers. Oh my I need a nap. One of my BFFs is coming flying in for the weekend to meet Carson and I can't wait! More updates and pictures tomorrow!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Time with baby

This is one of those BEAUTIFUL Michigan days in the fall that just makes you so thankful for everything. Not that we shouldn't be thankful all the time, but it's days like this that just take your breath away at how beautiful things are. Ahhh.....

See what quality time with my baby does to me?? I'm a super sap!

Kenny is up north hunting again this weekend, so it's just babay & me!!! He went with me to the dentist this morning and what soooo good!

We have lots to do today and I am so happy to be doing them with Carson. I even let the dog sleep with me last night, which is rare. Kenny wants her to sleep on our bed every night, but I veto that quickly....but last night, pup lucked out. She stayed on the bed the WHOLE night. I know shs grateful.

I just talked to Kenny while he was getting ready to go back to the woods and he told me he has a surprise for me for Sweetest Day.....what a hallmark holiday, but hey, I'll take the present! He bought me a card yesterday but forgot to leave it here for's in his truck. What a guy. Sweetest Day, what an excuse to buy something!

I have started making my lists for Christmas's never too early and as one of my friends reminded me, there's only about 5 paydays left until Christmas. No time like the present. I think I'll be buying things online this year, at least the majority of stuff. Anyway I can minimize bringing home the flu germs, I'm going to try. I'm so worried that Carson will get sick.

Off to do some cleaning and organizing with the baby in tow....when the hubby's away, the wife will clean!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Our weekend in Las Vegas was good. The first 24 hours I missed Carson, but not the kind of missing that leaves you crippled. The second day, however, I missed him so badly. Our plane ride home was delayed so it made it even worse. We went to Vegas for my hub's BFF's wedding. We bought tickets before the baby was born thinking it would be a nice time to take a "break" and we'd enjoy the time away from the baby. Stupid new parent thinking!! I SOOOO didn't want to leave him. And neither did Kenny, although he didn't whine about it like I did. But our friends flew to MI for our wedding and again this summer around the time Carson was born, so we just had to be there when they got married. It wasn't a Vegas strip wedding, it was at a beauitful country club, outside, perfect weather, gorgeous mountains in the background. It was truly breathtaking! We did have a good time dancing and drinking, and yes I even took part in the drinking!! That felt GREEAAAAAAAAT! Anyway, here are a couple pictures:

And on to the really fun stuff....Carson is three months old! Time is flying and he is growing! What a stud!

(Kenny was playing his hunting game while holding the that's talent!!)

Work? I'm still adjusting. I am not excited about going to work every day, but once I get there, it's not horrible. I feel like I've been teaching for 20 years already and it's only my 8th year. I don't see myself teaching for a whole career, at least not the way I feel about it now. I still love teaching, but I can feel burnout coming on soon, maybe another year or so. I don't have any other options right now, so I'll just keep on. I am thankful to have a job and health insurance and retirement, so really, no complaints here.

Things with our nanny seem to be working out well. She is flexible and so are we, so far so good! Carson is usually smiling when I get home on her two days a week, which is all I'm concerned with! If he's happy, then I'm happy!

I "think" Kenny is going hunting this weekend which means Carson and I will have lots of relaxation time together. I love that!! I'd rather Kenny be home with us, but I can get lots of stuff done and lots of relaxing in too when he's gone. Maybe this time he'll bring home the winter supply of food!!!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane

Holy cow. BUSY has just been taken to a new level. How do working moms get things done? Whew. Anyway, we are going to Vegas this weekend for a wedding. I was hoping to do a real post before we left, but that's not going to happen. I'm at work sneaking this is and I don't have any pictures or anything here....

Have a great weekend and I'm sure I'll be back on Monday with some stories!

Saturday, October 03, 2009


My first week back in the classroom is over. That, I am thankful for. I survived! So did Kenny. So did Carson, and even the dog did too. It wasn't easy, and I'm not looking forward to next week, however, I have never taken so much pleasure in a weekend as I am right now.
Kenny is up north hunting (he says, "Going to get us some winter food!") Hahaha. I spent the morning helping him pack and then I took the baby to get his 3 month professional pics taken. I even got a shot or two with his Halloween costume on....pricesless!

After the photo shoot session my BFF and I went shopping and had dinner with her hubs. Now I'm home chillaxin with Carson and catching up on the shows I've missed on our DVR. This has been a WONDERFUL Saturday. The only thing missing is Kenny! But I know he is doing what he loves...sitting in a tree listening to nature and breathing fresh air!!!