Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Here's how my wedding day went.....

I stayed up until 1am Saturday morning because I was struggling with what to put together for Kenny's gift....I wrote him a letter and printed it with a picture and framed it. I put together a little bag for him of goodies too. I barely slept at all, it was a very restless sleep when I did. It was just my mom and I here, so it was very quiet and peaceful. When I woke up for good I got in the shower and then starting thinking.......of all the things I could have done, all the things I needed to do, and then I started getting nervous and jittery!!! My mom got up and we packed her van with my dress and accessories, programs, and anything else needed, and she dropped me into the arms of 5 of my bridesmaids at the hair salon. One of them prompty asked me if I had eaten, which I had, but I mentioned coffee and 10 minutes later I had a large double double from Starbucks in my hand. Now that's service!! I started getting my hair done and I was still a ball of nerves, but as the hairspray was layered on, my nerves were calmed. My aunt and cousin showed up, the flower girls, and some more ladies and that made it all better, along with some of the bridesmaids, and it was a really fun, relaxing, bonding time!!! Kenny called 3 or 4 times, but I wouldn't talk to him for fear that he would need me to find something that he lost or needed and I'm sorry, but I wasn't about to do that on our wedding day!! He had him momma to do that for him on that morning!! So one of the girls manned my phone!! I had my makeup done too, and I looked AND FELT like a rockstar!! We got to the church and things started to happen....the girls got dressed, then with their help and my momma's help they got me dressed, and Bethy gave me my something blue. Kay put the garters (Kenny wanted me to wear 8 of them but he settled for 3....it's a long story) on while the photographer snapped pics. The videographer suggested that since there were coke and diet coke cans in the room, and they matched the red dresses, that we do a coke toast on video, so we did and it was awesome!! I held the diet coke can and everyone else held the regular coke cans and we all sang and did a little toast!! The photographer took me by myself to a pretty place in the church to take pictures with just me and my flowers, and then he brought me back to the room for pics with the girls while the wedding planner made sure the groom was hidden! Then we ate Pot Belly sandwiches and relaxed and soon it was time!! My dad came in and so did Kenny's parents, and Kenny's dad brought his gift in. He gave me a beautiful jewelry box (Tasha, he must have been thinking the same thing Chris was!!!) with a Jurassic Park DVD in it because that was the first movie we saw together.....ahhhh. Then everyone left the room and I was alone for 7 minutes. 7 whole minutes. I stood in front of the mirror and couldn't even believe it was happening!! It was for real!! Then my dad stood in the doorway and gave me the play-by-play of what was happening because I had to stay hidden. The wedding planner motioned for us and then we stood in the door of the sanctuary and then I was walking down the isle!! I kept my eyes on Kenny the ENTIRE walk down the isle. I stood there with my dad for what felt like forever, and I kept thinking, don't lock the knees, don't trip on the dress, don't cry. I never cried, neither did Kenny!!! The whole ceremony took about 35 minutes, and I honestly don't remember much of it, thank goodness we had it taped!! Kenny kissed me for a L O N G time when we were declared husband and wife, that part I do remember!!! The reverand said over and over during the ceremony that I was Kenny's gift from God, and that as he holds my hands in his, he had to look at my hands and recognize that they are his gift from God. Everyone commented that that was the most meaningful part of the ceremony, and I think it was too. We laughed a little during the ceremony, which took the edge off. The reverand commented a couple times on Kenny's rotten jokes and EVERYONE laughed. It was pretty funny. I have to say that seeing all my bridesmaids up there in that beautiful red choked me up a little. I love those girls, I've been in most of their weddings or involved in their lives for forever, and they rock. All 10 of them, plus the junior bridesmaid my cousin and the 2 flower girls. Love them all!! After the ceremony we walked back down the isle (I forgot my flowers!!! the matron of honor was still holding them!!!) and then we dismissed each isle, which was nice because we actually got to talk to everyone! Then we signed the marriage certificate and did pictures for forever!! The photographer took some awesome shots, the last one at the church was called "Marilyn Monroe and James Dean" and I won't tell you what it is, I'll just post it when we get it back, but I can asure you IT ROCKS!!! We left the church in Kenny's brothers RED Thunderbird with the top down and followed the best man and his wife to a nearby sports bar for a quick drink before the reception. When we got there THE ENTIRE WEDDING PARTY had a room in the back reserved and we had no idea!! It was amazing!!! We were only there for about 30 minutes, then on to the reception!! When we got there the wedding planner and DJ came out to greet us and then they lined us up for our big entrance, which lead right into the cake cutting (or SMASHING as I fondly recall it). Then the best man, a groomsman, and my matron of honor gave their speeches, we did the toast and the blessing, and ate dinner. If you can believe it, I had zero appetite. I was just thirsty, but drank water, no alcohol for the bride!!!! The rest of the evening was a blur, I remember it all, but not in the order it happened....we did our first dance, which had a unique spin to it. About 2 minutes into our song, the DJ stopped it and put on a number that we had prearranged that included snippets from about 15 songs that we had a dance routine to. So we did our little surprise dance, and then ended it with the ending of the first original song (I'll post the video when I get it back, it's PRICELESS....) and then we danced to our REAL song, by Aerosmith of course:) We danced with our parents, and instead of the dollar dance, Kenny auctioned me to the audience....the best man paid $220 to dance with me!! Woo-hoo!!! I threw my flowers and 2 girls rolled on the floor to get them!!! Kenny went up my leg to get the garters and came out with a thong, an empty bottle of Captain Morgan, a strapless bra, and some other crazy stuff the best mad was handing him under the chair I was sitting in...that was hilarious!! Then he threw the 2 garters and things got all crazy from there. We danced and talked and had a blast the rest of the evening. Our photographer was awesome, our videographer was awesome, the night was the best wedding I've ever been to! We left at 1230 (there was no cleanup for us at all, how's that for a great ending????) and went with 2 other couples to Denny's where I had to sit in a chair across the table from everyone else because my dress wouldn't fit in the booth!!! We stayed in a hotel room because there were so many people staying in our house. It feels silly to stay in a hotel room just miles from your own home!! Anyway, Kenny was VERY tipsy when we went to sleep so ya know, we slept. Hehehehe. Sunday morning we woke up at 9am and both of us felt funny, and sad. It was all over!!! But seriously, it was the best day ever. I married my best friend. I vowed my life to him, and I would do it all over again and again and again. He has now named himself "Chubby Hubby." What's not to love??? I'm sure I'll remember bits and pieces of the big day as time goes on and I'll share them whenever I do, but basically, that's our wedding day!!

Monday, April 28, 2008


Still in a daze here........

I received more pics today from my father-in-law, so check them out here. I am still so tired and very THANKFUL that I'm not back to work until Thursday. Is it normal to be emotional after the wedding?? I didn't cry at all!! Not until my maid of honor gave her speech at the reception and then I cried like a baby. But I shed tears the morning after and even a few times during the day and even tonight. Please tell me that is normal:) Anyway, I'm taking my sleepy butt to bed (in our new 800 thread count sheets...I can never go back to 250 count....I'm totally ruined and spoiled now). Kenny never understood why I wanted expensive sheets. Now he gets it. I really want to tell lots of details of the wedding day but it will have to wait a little while longer....but there's more pictures now!! I promise the details are coming!! Off to that wonderful sleepland.....

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Quick Pics

Holy crap I'm a Mrs!!

Yesterday our wedding day was perfect. Absolutetly the best day ever!! I only have a couple pics so far, but there will be more ASAP!! These will have to do for now:

Getting my something blue from Bethy.....

Almost ready.....

Pics with ma ladies.....

Me and my flowers......

Cake in my face.....

Kenny is making up for the smearing of the cake on my face by doing 95% of the work for the thank-yous. I will write more about the day when I am more awake!!! Thanks for all the sweet words and emails wishing us luck on our day...it worked because the weather was beautiful and we had an amazing time!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Going to the Chapel!!

I'm showered, in my pink bathrobe, drinking some coffee, about to go get my hair and make-up done. This day is finally here!! Look, the ticker says 0 days!!! In 10 hours I'll be married!!!! See you soon!!

PS-I didn't sleep much...tossed and turned mostly, but oh so happy!!

Friday, April 25, 2008


I am so calm right now. I cannot sleep, but I'm just eerily calm. Our rehersal and dinner was awesome, it was so fun chatting and hanging out! It makes me so excited for tomorrow!! It's just my mom and I tonight, and she's already in bed. So it's me, the computer, and my stuff for tomorrow. I haven't been this calm in months!! It's so what I need. It's hard to describe all the things I feel right now, but the most prominent emotion is happiness. I just can't wait to be walking down the isle looking at Kenny and knowing we are going to be together forever. Seeing all my girls and the groomsmen up there with us, my little flower girls and the ring bearer, everyone, our parents, family, friends, it's all so cool. It's almost like a dream coming true. I WISH I had my camera back already, but no such luck, so I'll have to wait to post some pics from the rehersal later when everyone gets them to me. Now this bride is going to sleep, or so I hope!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

2 days!!

This MIGHT be my last post until I'm a Mrs. I'm not sure, no promises, you never know. Tomorrow my mom and I and a couple bridesmaids are going to get our nails done around noon and then relax (I really hope to anyway) until 5pm. The rehersal begins at 7pm but I have to be there early to go over whatever needs to be done. Saturday I will be up and out of here by 9am, so it's going to be nutty from here on out!!

My mom and MIL took all the goods to the reception site today and PAID IN FULL for the reception. That was a huge load off, not to mention how much extra room I have in my basement today!!

I escaped the craziness later by going to the gym alone (as always) without my phone. On purpose. No calls. No needs. Just me and the radio and GOD. It was awesome. So was the gym. And I came two hours later completely refreshed.

I'm going to take a bubble bath now that everyone is gone except my momma and the puppy. It might be the last moment I have to do that!!! I am truly enjoying every moment, I promise! This is such a magical time, and I can't even imagine how awesome the wedding day is going to be!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


It's getting so close!!

I got to sleep in this morning. What a refreshing feeling. Kenny woke me up by saying, "Good morning Bride!!!" It was adorable!! He loves it when I am home instead of at work. I do too:) That was the first and last time I saw him today. He's still busy working, and right now he's picking up his long lost BFF at the airport that he hasn't seen in 10 years!! I haven't met him, but I have talked to him numerous times on the phone. His name is Ken too. Scary that there are two of them!!! Anyway, I'm sure they have lots of catching up to do, so before they arrive, I am going to make myself scarce by going to the basement and organizing all the items I have to take to the reception site tomorrow when my momma gets here. I have a list going so I don't forget anything. I could be down there awhile!!

I picked up my dress today....it's so pretty it takes my breath away. Ahhhhh, I can't wait to have it on!! And, the bra situation is taken care of. No more worrying and freaking out about the boobies, they will be well tied down and in tact!!

Everyone told me I would be on cloud nine this week and I really am!!

I received a card today from my grandma. My grandpa passed away in '02 and I still think about him daily. I'm sure she does too, they were married 62 years when he passed away. Anyway, her note was filled with little bits of advice about marriage and she also wrote that if grandpa were here he would be so happy and excited for me and hug me and make me laugh. And then she write that this card was from my "grandparents" even though grandpa wasn't here (insert the fattest tears you have ever seen) and that they both love me so much. I expected a card or conversation like this from my grandma but I didn't expect her to make it from them both even though grandpa isn't here. Talk about pulling on heart strings. Is that beautiful or what?? I just reread it and I'm crying again. I miss my grandpa so much, even now, and I know that he is with us right now. He'll be there on Saturday too. Oh the emotions are running thick around here!!!

Alright, to the basement I go!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Bra Story (not that funny but entertaining)

The Bra Story

The day my mom bought me my wedding dress, I didn't really think about the bra contraption thing that goes underneath it. Then later on I got one, no biggie. When I took my dress in for the first fitting, I decided I didn't like the one I had, so my mom bought me one from the bridal store. I didn't really like it at all, but it was a corsette with those bone things that give me shape and slim down the torso, so I was okay with it. Plus, it fit and was comfortable. Then at the second fitting I didn't like it, so then I was on a mission to find one that I really did like. And it didn't go so well. I got my dress at David's Bridal and I went back there to try on bras but they are crazy there. It's one mass productionline of girls, no specializing in fitting or trying to please the ladies, nothing but "get them in, get them out" attitiude. Love their prices, hate their customer service. It stinks. Anyway, the bottom line is I'm going into the bridal shop tomorrow to pick up my dress, all fitted and pressed and ready to wear and I'm going to try on the corsette once and for all and make a decision. What a pain I am. What a pain. If only I was skinny it wouldn't be an issue!! Kidding!! I am not ripping on myself, but seriously, it would be easier. Oh well. That's the bra story. It's not that exciting, more like complaining.

Here's one more tidbit of dirt that happened tonight. I was assembling programs for the reception with Niki and my phone rings, it's a girl from work. I have known her for 6 years, but she is not invited to the wedding because I do not socialize with her outside of work. I did at one time, but that was about 4 years ago. She POINT BLANK asked me why I didn't invite her to the wedding. And then, as if in high school still, another teacher I work with (these two happen to be best friends) is trying to get our phone conversation on 3-way (again, high school) and I realized before I can even answer the question that this is ridiculus. And I SWEAR I didn't hang up on them, but my phone cut out. I SWEAR it wasn't me hanging up. My phone sometimes cuts out when I'm at the computer and I must say it was good timing. But I didn't want these two to think I was hanging up on them and I was ready to explain the situation (like an adult) even though they didn't deserve one, but my phone was no cooperating. So I went outside and called her back, and then it just kept cutting out. I think it was a sign. I took that sign and ignored her as she called back THREE MORE TIMES. Can you believe it???? THREE MORE TIMES. And the last time it came up on the caller ID as PRIVATE. The nerve. The wedding is in four days, as if I have time or patience to deal with that. The very reason that she has to ask about why they aren't invited is explanation enough as to why they are not. So I was mad for about 30 minutes and I'm just about over it now. The nerve. Ugh. And to take it even farther, one of them has been married two times...she should know what it's like to have to stick to a guest list, let alone only invite people you enjoy being around. I'm proud of myself for sluffing it off so quickly. Normally, I let things like this really bother me. But not right now, not today, not tomorrow! By the time I go back to work on May 1st, I'm not even going to care!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm just rambling today!

Wow am I tired! Mentally tired. One more day of work. I am crazy for being there 2 days this week, but for those of you who are not teachers, it is so hard to be gone when days at work are as structured as a classroom. It just is hell coming back, so I took off Wed, Thurs, Fri this week and then Mon, Tues, Wed next week. The days are broken up because I know the kids are going to go crazy. And I also know that they will get over it and life there will go on without me. One more day to get through before I can sleep a little bit! I have scheduled AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE for Wed, Thurs, Fri, but even that is still a lot. Picking up my dress and dealing with the bra issue (I'll save that story for after the wedding....) on Wed, grocery shopping for out of town guests (poor souls have no idea we are basically grocery-less in the last month), making a pick-up at the airport, then Thursday packing my mom's van with the decor and everything for the reception and taking it there. Thank GOD the wedding planner there is decorating and getting things ready for me, I don't have to do A THING there except get the stuff to her. I know we're paying for that service, but I'm so RELIEVED that we are because I don't have to coordinate anything for the reception on Fri or on Saturday!! Then Thursday night it's back to the airport for one more pick-up. Friday I'm SLEEPING IN....DID YOU HEAR THAT WORLD??? I'M SLEEPING IN and then going with my mom and any available bridesmaids to get our nails done, and the rehersal is at 7pm Friday evening and then dinner/drinking afterwards. Whew. Trust me when I say I will get down time. I know how to do that very easily now....I go to the gym. No one is there asking me questions, no phones, nothing but me! I woke up this morning with jitters...but the good kind. I am so excited and in disbelief that my wedding day is so close!! Holy Crap!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

6 days left!

Our Discussion This Morning....

GROOM: The money I make today will pay for....do you know what it will buy Honey?

BRIDE: What?

GROOM: Your wedding present!! (said with lots of enthusiasm)

BRIDE: Don't buy me something crazy, this wedding has already cost way too much. DO NOT get me something crazy, got, it????

GROOM: Don't worry, everything I get you that costs lots of money has a double meaning.

BRIDE: What are you talking about?

GROOM: I mean I give it to you but it's really for me too.

BRIDE: If you don't get away from me right this second I am going to pinch the crap out of you.

So he took off. He's hungover and tired from his bachelor party last night. Serves him right. He tortured the crap out of me when I was hungover last weekend. Whatever he plans on buying me for our wedding is probably ONLY for him.....what a dork. But I love him. Holy crap, 6 days till Wedding Day!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Story of the Pearls (and rantings)

Today I got to sleep in. That was important. I was operating on 4 hours of sleep every night this past week because I was up so late working on wedding stuff. Man am I busy. My mom came out yesterday to get our last dress fittings and then to get a few last miunte things for both her and I. I think my last minute things will keep going until the big day. Isn't that the way it is?? Sure feels like it will be that way. Kenny's bachelor party is all day today, so he's gone, and my mom just left. I have some just me, down time that I so badly need and crave. Niki will be here later on to help with some things and then shop for other items that are still needed, and just be here for me! I am so excited, so busy, so happy, so tired, and just plain OVERJOYED that I'm so sleepy!! The weather is beautiful today, and I'm just full of every emotion there is, except the bad ones.

Most of you already know this, but in October of 2005, my 42-year-old aunt passed away after battling cancer for 10 years. I was VERY affected by this because she was my youngest aunt and I was very close to her my whole life. She died peacefully at home with hospice over the course of six months, and when it was down to just days, she was in that state of hallucintating, but she still knew who everyone was. I would sit with her and she would talk about things that happened when I was a kid and then something that was happening right now...her mind was just racing, kind of like when they say before you die you life flashed before your eyes....it was kind of like she was reliving moments of her life with me quickly. Anyway, I'm getting off track here, when she was in this state, she told me that she wanted me to have her pearl earrings. I didn't think anything of it, figuring my other aunts (her sisters) would have her jewelery and I never thought anything else of it until about a week after she died. My uncle (her husband) called me and said I needed to come over so he could give me something that she wanted me to have. It ended up being the pearl earrings, and he told me that she had specifically told him that after she was gone, to take her earrings out and give them to me (she died with them in her ears). Of course I was crying at this point. So he handed me the pearls in their beautiful box and told me the story of the pearls. When they got married (1990) she wanted to ear pearls but didn't have any. So she borrowed someone's pearl necklace and earrings, and then later after their wedding he decided to buy her a set because she liked them so much. The first thing he got her were the earrings for her birthday. Then for Christmas came the necklace, then their anniversary it was a bracelet, and I think that was the complete set. The earrings were the first gift he bought her after they were married, and it was important that I know that story. (tears are streaming as I write this) So I am wearing them when I get married next week. I made my necklace and bracelet with pearls (fake ones but they are still so pretty) so that they will match the earrings and I just really can't wait to include my aunt in my wedding day. Her husband (my uncle, not really even by marriage anymore, but he'll always be my uncle) has remarried since and so I will get to meet his new wife. My family is very happy for him because he married a lady that went through the same thing as my uncle did, caring for her dying husband. They have a lot of life to live still and I'm so happy that they can do that together. Anyway, that's the story of my pearl earrings. I opened the case they were in the other day just to peak at them and it brought the tears again, but they are good tears.

Okay, enough sap for Saturday. On with wedding stuff. At this time next week I'll be walking down the isle!!! Holy #&#^!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

50 Push Ups

This week is going by way too fast. At least, the evenings are. I can't seem to get enough things done for the wedding after work. It's just not happening. I've been going to the gym every evening too, more for stress relief at this point than anything else. It's the only place I can relax and not be bothered with the phone, requests, or even responsibilities. It's a safe haven right now!! Tonight I was swamped with thank yous, guest counts, and forgetting to get a new ink cartridge. I have to print some pictures, get some matte, do laundry, clean a little because my mom will be here this weekend, the list just keeps going. I feel like I haven't even SEEN Kenny since Saturday morning, although I have, but not for long. He must have felt it too because he came to my classroom today. The secretary called me and said, "Your fiance is here in the office." And I said, "Oh God." She laughed and told me that wasn't a good response, and I said, "Dismissal is in 20 minutes....the kids are going to go crazy!!! But send him down." I don't think she gets it....the crazy kids part, but she laughed and sent him down. OF COURSE the last 20 minutes were completely crazy, and the kids just love him. He hasn't been in the classroom as much this year as he has in past years, so they are just so curious to see him. One of them always says that we look like brother and sister. I just roll my eyes. We are both white, short, and slightly round. To young black kids, that's probably true, we probably do look alike!! A couple years back Kenny was in my room and he had the kids doing exercises, and he had them specifically doing push-ups. They nicknamed him 50 Pushups. Every year since I have told my classed that story, so when he came in today, they all yelled, "Hi 50 Pushups!!!!" So that's his nickname to them. And it's so cute!!! One of the kids asked, "Are you really gonna marry 50 Pushups?" Oh, they are so cute. I can't believe I'm leaving them for 5 days!!
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Monday, April 14, 2008

Couple Meme

I borrowed this from Vader's Mom....

Kenny & I

How long have you been together?
Five and a half years

How long did you date?
When we get married we will have dated EXACTLY 5 1/2 years to the day!

How old is he?
I can't say. He'll get mad. But he's 6 years older than me:)

Who said ‘I love you’ first?
He said it first!!!

Who is taller?
He is, but not by much.

Who is smarter?
Of course we have our strengths...he's smarter on the business end, I'm the book smart chic.

Who does the laundry?
Me, I can't stand it when he does it. I can't find anything and something is always ruined.

Who does the dishes?
60% me
40% Kenny

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
He does!

Who pays the bills?
We both do!

Who mows the lawn?
We take turns. When he's inspired, I let him have the job, but I really kind of like doing it.

Who cooks dinner?
I do, but not that often, that's a tricky question.

Who is more stubborn?
He is WAY more stubborn than me. He's been spoiled so he is FOR SURE more stubborn.

Who kissed who first?
I think we did it at the same time!

Who proposed?
Kenny proposed to me!

Who is more sensitive?
That's a tie too. He'll say I am, but really, he is too!
I have been struggling with programs for our wedding for days now. They are done but I'm out of ink tonight. Figures. I wanted to print them at work tomorrow and OF COURSE my computer is being an ass tonight...I mean the printer is. How dare it run out of ink. I'm starting to feel the stress. I was SOOOO loving not feeling it at all. I just want to NOT be working and just get this stuff done. Only a few more days of work for me. I also need a maid right now. Big time. What happened to that clean house on Saturday? Where in the world did it go?? I am going to the gym for stress relief now. It's all I can do!
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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Party Time!

My bachelorette party was on Saturday night and it R O C K E D!!!!

It started with dinner at an awesome restaraunt, which included cake from Tasha's brother's bakery, which is the yummiest ever. I opened some fun gifts and I will be busy using them all!! Hehehe.

Then we moved the party a few miles away at a bar and there was a live band and tons of dancing. My white fluffy boa was the hit of the party, I left my mark everywhere, and by that I mean that there were feather floating all over the stage, the air, and littering the floor. It was great! I got a shout out from the lead singer wishing me luck, had an endless supply of drinks (if you look on flickr it's pretty obvious) and had the best time ever.

The girls had me all diva-ed up and I just cannot tell you how much fun it was!! The hostesses with the mostesses did a fantastic job planning the party!!! I woke up today to Kenny tickling me because he knew I felt like crap from drinking last night. I can't wait until next weekend when he has his little bachelor party. Paybacks are worse!! It's almost 11pm, and I'm still hurting from last night, but it was sooo worth it!! 13 days to go!! Ahhhhh!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Poop, Gas, & Friday

Funny funnies today in my classroom.

We are working on current event projects, and I asked students to bring in newspaper articles from home to use. The first couple of kids brought in the newspapers and set them down on my desk. One young lady, a smart mouth mind you, picked up her newspaper and imitated her grandfather reading it while on the toilet. I asked her what in the world she was doing and she blatently told me that's what her grandpa does while taking a dump. What a way to start the day!! The other young lady who was standing there heard this and said that her dad does the same thing while going poop...he loves to take the paper in the bathroom and stays in there forever with it. Those were her exact words. I was cracking up and it wasn't even 8am yet!!!

During our writing time, I gave the kids two writing prompts to choose from. They could either write about what it would be like if cows gave rootbeer instead of milk OR write about what it would be like if streets were rivers. I have a kindergartener in my classroom for language arts in the morning because she is VERY advanced, and the first sentence on her paper was this: If cows gave rootbeer instead of milk, everyone would have gas. It's times like these that I absolutely LOVE my job. I get to laugh about poop and gas. It doesn't get any better!!

After getting my hair highlighted after work, the girl who always does my hair put the veil and sparkly tiara on my head and we decided how my hair would be done for wedding day. I love it!! Can't wait!! I wish I could post pics but Kenny will peak. He's so bad:)

This weekend is going to rock. My bachelorette party is tomorrow. Can't wait!!!!!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Half Day

I went to sleep last night with a pounding headache and woke up this morning with the same headache....I called in for the morning and went back to sleep. Then got up and was at work by noon. I probably should have stayed home the whole day, but I feel guilty that I'll be off 6 days when I get married, and I know my kids are not that great when there's a sub, so I just had to go in. And I was right. They were rotten while I was gone this morning. So we had a big classroom discussion. My classroom is different. The students are very advanced, and at all different levels, that is the beauty of the advanced class. I have 6, 7, and 8 year olds, which are all 1st and 2nd graders, and they are EXTREMELY smart and intelligent. You can not pull fast ones on them, and bribery seldom works. So I have been talking to them for weeks now about their behavior when I'm gone. I laid into them today about how disappointed I was that they were rotten for the sub this morning. I took their recess away, their art project, whatever I could take I did. My two smartest children go to the 3rd, 4th, 5th grade advanced class next door to me for math and language arts, and these girls are just amazing. They are too smart for me. They are the kids that are constantly correcting me and pointing things out that I forget (about a dozen things a day now!!). They are bad for subs because they are constantly doing the same thing to the sub that they do to me, and the subs can't handle it. So I asked the other multiage teacher if the girls could spend the 6 days that I'm gone in his class. He said it was fine, thank goodness. That will make leaving a little bit easier. The rest of the kids, I'm not sure, there will be hefty consequences, both good and bad, for their behaviors. I am already worried about it. Oh well. I still have 2 weeks to drill good behavior into their heads.

We met with the reverand who is marrying us last night to go over the ceremony and the program. I feel good knowing what's going to happen now. He suggested we use a heritage candle. I never heard of that so he explained that it's a candle that is lit at the beginning of the wedding ceremony by members of the family to signify the family members that have passed away. Then when our mommas go up to light the two small candles on either side of the unity candle, they light their candles from the heritage candle. I love the idea, and since Kenny doesn't have any living grandparents and only an aunt and uncle, we asked them to light it. Of course they will so it, were delighted that we asked. Then it dawned on me that I won't get to see ANY of this part of the ceremony!!!!!!!!!!! We are having everything professionally taped, but still, all this planning and I don't even get to see the live deal before I walk down the isle!! Oh well. I'm not really mad:)

Tomorrow is Thursday. My favorite day of the week:)

Monday, April 07, 2008


Every year at this time the kids get tested. At the young grades that I teach, most of the test has to be read to the kids. That's a lot of reading outloud and WAITING for the kids to finish. These tests involve reading comprehension, vocabulary, math skills, science, social studies, and sources of information. Since I have multi-age with two grades, there's no way I can read two sets of tests every day!! I would have no wind left in my sails. So I farm out the first graders to the straight first grade rooms and I give the second grade test. My kids this year rock. It has only taken them 3 days and they are DONE!! Usually the tests take at least five days with makeups, but not this year!! I'm so proud of them.

Every day so many people at work ask me how I'm feeling...am I nervous, scared, happy, excited....the list goes on. I'm all of them, well not scared, but all of the other emotions. But mostly I'm just happy:) The kids are so excited for me to. They spend most of their morning circle time asking me questions about the wedding, my dress, my hair, the same questions over and over again. We hired a videographer for our wedding so I can bring the DVD into school and show the kids, but the bummer is it might not be ready in time for them to see it before school ends. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though. I know they would LOVE to see it! They are also a little upset at the sub that will be in my room when I'm gone. They're already complaining every day about it. They had the same sub for gym today and when I went to pick them up, half the class was crying. Great. That should be a fun time for them!! I keep talking about all the fun things and lessons I'm leaving for the sub, and I'm trying to bribe them with treats from me when I get back if they are good. We'll see how it goes. Keep your fingers crossed for me:)

We are meeting with the reverand who's marrying us for the last time tomorrow to go over the entire ceremony in entirety, and then I can finish and print the programs, and that's one more thing crossed off the list of things to do. Whew! There are a MILLION and half little things that are creeping up right now that I didn't think about, and I'm really trying to tackle them now instead of waiting till the last minute, which, by the way, is Kenny's style. Hehehehe.

There are about 10 loads of laundry to fold downstairs with my name all over it. Kenny "did" laundry for me yesterday, which means it goes in the washer, the dryer, and on the floor. I get to fold it. At least he washes and dries it now. So here I go to fold my evening away!!!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

So close!

20 days....20 days......T W E N T Y D A Y S !!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe it. In three weeks I will wake up as a wife!

I am so excited I can barely stand it!

Too bad I have to go to work...there are so many other things I could be doing!!

Kenny and I had an awesome evening with our friends last night (the best man and his wife and 2 kids, one is a newborn). I got to hold the newborn a ton, and he is just the cutest thing. He smells so good, the baby smell that all moms talk about. It's addicting. I see why you want more babies after the first one. Yummy! It was so nice to have friends come to our house, where we are the ones that mostly have to do all the driving and traveling. When the evening was over, we didn't have to go anywhere. What a treat. This morning I woke up after getting to sleep in, a rarity, and the sun is shining, and it's just a beautiful day. Kenny asked me if I wanted to clean the garage (hello....YES!!!!!!!) and I of course jumped on that task. I've been thinking of ways to get that going for months now, but the weather has not permitted it, so today is the day! I think it might take more than one day (Kenny is the worst pack rat ever) but he did promise not to allow his adult ADD get in the way and he promised to stay on task and not get caught up in what treasures he finds. I'm telling you this garage is packed wall to wall and I'm not exaggerating AT ALL. It's ridiculous. I'm embarrassed. The motivation behind the clean-out, other than spring does this to everyone, is that the garage door is broken and we can't fix it ourselves, so we will hire someone to do it for us, and they will have to see the garage and its contents. EMBARRASSING!!! Even for Kenny. So that's where I'll be today. I hope it goes smoothly. I'm so thankful for the nice weather. I don't think anything could really get me down at this point. I'm so happy!!

PS-Check out the blinkies in the sidebar....they are from Tee!! You rock girl!!

Friday, April 04, 2008


What a week!!! It ended the best way possible....with a field trip!! But the catch was that it wasn't my class that I took on the trip. It was the 3-4-5 multi-age classroom next door to mine that I took because their teacher in on crutches and the field trip consisted of hands on science stuff for about 5 hours. So that teacher was in my classroom today and I got to go on the trip, and I didn't even have to plan ANYTHING!! And I got to wear jeans. You can't ask for a better trip than that! Must be that time of year for science field trips because Lori went on one too!

I have worked out tonight and I'm finally past the 2 mile mark. It's taken a while but I finally got there. I even went grocery shopping too! It's almost 11pm and I still feel like cleaning. What is wrong with me?? I better get a move on before I lose my motivation.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Craigs List

Have you heard of it?? Craigs list is like ebay (it's now actually OWNED by ebay) but you only look at local stuff, there's no shipping because you pick it up yourself, and there's no promise to buy. You can look at the stuff and not buy it, and as we like to do, bargain with the seller. That's the fun part in Kenny's opinion. Anyway, Sunday night our dryer took a big poop. It's old, it came with the house, time for a new one. We looked at new ones (my first choice of course) but with a wedding and all sorts of expensizes, we thought about a used one for now, and when the washer goes (it's just as old) we'll get a matching set new. Sounds like a good plan to me, so we looked on Craigs List and Monday evening found a good one. It was only a year old, $150, and only about a half hour away on the freeway. We hopped in the truck and drove out there. First let me say the house was trashed, in every aspect. It was pretty nasty to say the least. We looked at the dryer, which looked great, and the girl even ran it for us so we knew it worked. Kenny hammered her on the price and we bought it for $100. She shuts off the gas switch and Kenny starts to unscrew the line and out comes the gas. All over the teeny room we're standing in. Now if you have even had carbon monoxide in your body before, you know what can happen and how it feels, and Kenny and I have BOTH had incidences with it on a houseboat trip (we will NEVER EVER EVER GO ON ONE AGAIN!!!!) so we got the heck out of the house. The girl obviously came with us out the back door where it was POURING RAIN. By this time it's 9pm, dark, raining, cold, and now there's this huge gas leak. So the girl calls the gas company and they tell her it will be within an hour when someone can get there!! Can you believe that?? An hour?? WTF??? So we just call 911 and they send not one, not two, not three, but FOUR firetrucks. FOUR!!! I sat in the truck across the street, safe away from the gas, watching the whole thing go down. The gas company drove up about 20 minutes later and NEVER STOPPED!! Can you believe that one?? They just kept driving around the block and never stopped!! The nerve!! So the problem was that the switch that the girl switched off was faulty, and there was truly no way of knowing that ahead of time. The fire department took care of the problem, made sure the girl knew she did the right thing by calling them and then we loaded the dryer (STILL raining at this point) into the truck and got out of there. It was crazy. I still can't believe the fire trucks. So this is my Craigs List story. Can anyone beat this one???