Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mommy & Me x2

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Home Bound

Yesterday was so busy!! I'm thankful to have today at home. Even though it's going to be spend cleaning and doing laundry, at 3pm we're doing NOTHING but watching USA vs Cananda olympic hockey. YAY!!!

The baby and I were with Kenny working all day yesterday. He was so good the whole day. Carson is very content in the stroller just hanging out with his toys. My inlaws were there to help watch him when Kenny needed me and they just adore him and love watching him. Carson was so into everything going on that he skipped both his naps and didn't fall asleep until I got in the car to go home around 4pm. And then he was KNOCKED out!!
Here are some pictures from the 100th day of school (Thursday) and the cakes I made. They were a hit, everyone commented on how good they tasted!! I almost caved and bought 3 cakes but changed my mind and I'm so glad I did! It would have actually saved $$$ buying them and having them decorated, but I enjoyed making and decorating them, so it was worth it. The group shot is of the elementary teachers I go into battle with every day. Talk about warriors! Love them!! We are all sporting our 100th day shirts, made by the teacher right in the middle. I have worked with one of them for 8 years, and the rest of them anywhere from 1 to 7 years. I am so blessed to have them by my side every day.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010



He's been saying "DADADADADADADADADAD" for a couple weeks, and we weren't sure if he even knew what he was saying or maybe just babbling. So when he started in with mamamamamama I wasn't thinking he knew that was ME. We've been encouraging him by saying momma and dadda all the time, but then this afternoon we were playing and he reached for me with his little chubby arms and said "MAMMAMMAMMAMM" and my heart was melting into the carpet. Oh the ooozing sweetness!

Tomorrow is the 100th day of school. It was supposed to be earlier but the snow days pushed us back some. There are 3 teachers on my team and the teacher that always does all the extra cute things for the kids (cakes, cookies, hotdogs, gifts, extra awesome art projects, ect) is taking chemo treatments after having cancerous tumors (stage 1.5) removed. To say the least, she is tired all the time. My other teammate is pregnant, so I said that I would make the 100th day cakes. So that's what Carson and I have done tonight. CAKES. ALL CAKES. I hope Kenny makes it home with my camera before I go to bed so I can get good pictures. Otherwise you will have to settle for phone pics. Those are just not as good, but there's no way these cakes are going unpublished, not when there's THREE of them!! Happy 100th Day of School To ME! That means less than 80 to go. Whew.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tonight is going to be one of those busy gotta-get-diapers-wipes-formula-pick-up-taxes-and-sign-on-the-dotted-lines-finish-laundry-where-are-my-shoes kind of nights. I can already feel it. And it's going to start the second I walk in the door. I plan on making dinner, packing up the baby and getting the errands done. He doesn't mind, he just cooes in his carseat and smiles and laughs anywhere we go. I think he likes running errands with momma!

I am so proud of Kenny and all his hard work he has done lately. He is a normally VERY hard working business owner, however, lately, the phone has been ringing NON STOP (that means lots of $$$$) and he has been going nonstop. I don't normally talk about his work or his level of business on here, but I just have to throw out there how stinkin' proud I am of him. He started this business over 10 years ago from nothing, and has built it up to what it is today, and even though most days I don't think he sees the how far he has come, I do, and I just never get enough opportunities to tell him how proud I am of all that he does, for the business and for us. Love you K!

Off to finish up the last hour of the day and then I'm outta here!!!!!! Home to my boys!

One more thing....I will try to take pics of how much snow we have in our yard, it's so deep! I love it! I know you all think I'm crazy for loving it, but I do!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

S N O W D A Y !!!!!!!!!!!!

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

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Today was another snow day!!! Talk about great luck!!! I was oh so happy to wake up this morning and find inches of snow and no school. Like a dream come true. Here's a picture of how we started my snow day. Bad quality, I know, but I just grabbed my phone and took a picture, nothing fancy!! I think Carson enjoys snow days as much as I do.

(Thanks Krystyn for starting this weekly thing!! I need that motivation!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


This baby boy won't crawl. I'm not rushing him, and I'm not really excited about him crawling anyway because that means life as we know it will be forever changed!! However, everyone seems to think he "should" be crawling and even though it doesn't bother me that he's not, he kind of is....backwards! It's more of a scoot, actually. He'll be laying on his tummy and want me or some toy that's not directly in front of his little face and then he just scoots back to get it. So cute!! I'm putting toys all around him to entice him to push off and start to crawl, and I know he will when he's ready. But for now, the backwards shuffle is pretty cute. I don't have a video of it, but you get the idea.

Yesterday we celebrated my mom's birthday and here is my baby with my sweet! Her first grandbaby!!

We also stopped in to see my grandma, however no pics because she was in her nightgown already!!! Carson sat right next to his great-grandma and just smiled and loved on her, so sweet!! We will be back visiting with her in a couple weeks and there will be lots of pictures then.
I'm sad that my week off ends today. I'm never really prepared for the feelings that come with having to leave Carson every day. I hate it. I truly hate leaving him. Any mom that works knows that feeling, and it'll never go away. But I know that by my going to work every day my family is taken care of medically. So I go. With kleenex:( And the up side of it is coming home to the best feeling in the world, my smiling happy-to-see-me baby who can't get his hands on my face fast enough. That makes it worth it!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day Off

I declared today a day of relaxation around here. The first day of my vacation that I get to do house stuff!!! Kenny is away and working, and Carson and I were slated to be out and about with some friends but that got canceled so we are STAYING HOME!! Woo-hoo!!! When he gets up from his nap we MIGHT go to Michaels, you know I just can't stay away from those craft stores too long. Other than that, we are homebound. I have been looking forward to a day like this for along time!

I booked tickets to visit my bf in Atlanta today. Yay!!!! That's not until spring break, but I'm already excited about it! Carson will be flying for the first time, oh what a little travelor he will be!!

Here's our morning:

Monday, February 15, 2010


Our little ski getaway has been awesome!! Despite missing Carson all the time, Kenny & I have been able to relax, TRULY relax, for the first time in about a year. We arrived home safe and sound and so happy to get that baby back and covered with kisses!

Waking up this morning reminded both of us how important it is to STRETCH before you ski, especially if it's been a few years. And another thing I never envisioned was a creepy feeling on the ski lift. I've skiied PLENTY of times in my life, and never one time was the lift an issue. Not the case this time! I guess it's just because I haven't skiied in a few years, because by the end of the day I was fine. Guess I better do this more often!
A weekend away was the best thing we've done in a while. Very much needed!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

7 Months!!!

Ahhhh today was a snow day!! What a treat, rating right up there with opening presents on Christmas morning as a kid!! I didn't even have to get out of bed. Even better! Carson and I stayed in our PJs all day and snuggled a whole bunch. I think Kenny was jealous!

Today was my momma's bday and between Kenny & I and my brother, we pooled our $$ and gave her a gift card to Macy's so she could get her fiestaware flatware that she's been wanting for a while. Due to the snow, she didn't drive to my house today so I called her, told her what her gift was (a complete surprise), gave her the numbers on the gift card and WHAM a few hours later she had her flatware was ordered!! And she is one happy Momma!!! Yay!

Seven months old my baby is today....whew! Here he is hamming it up for the camera, which he immediatly tried to grab ahold of and put in his mouth!!! He's close to crawling I think, but I don't think he WANTS to crawl. He would just rather have momma carry him or hand his toys over. He is so much fun, always smiling and drooling and laughing and he's also very close to saying dada. I was hoping his first word would be momma, but he's saying dada, however he isn't meaning Kenny. He is just babbling, but sooner or later he will figure out WHO dada is!!

The next two days are going to be COMPLETE CRAZE at work. They are the last two days before we have a one week midwinter break. Even if today hadn't been a snow day, the week before vacation is rough. However, being that today the kids were at home, tomorrow is count day complete with an in-school dance, and Friday there will be school-wide Valentine's Day celebrations, and to top it all off, both days are free dress, which means students will be in their regular clothing, not uniforms, which always leads to "different" behavior. So I'm crossing my fingers, making sure my lessons are tight and I'm overly prepared with extra work and rewards!! The busier they are the better they are!!

Making raspberries at his puppy!

Helping mama with the laundry!

Trying to get dad's hat....

Got the hat and in the mouth it goes!!!