Sunday, November 05, 2006

It's Sunday AGAIN!

Feels like I was just here....sitting at my computer, the sun shining, chilly breeze outside, the smells of clean clothes and black cherry Candle-Lite candles, Kenny babbling on while I'm try to get some work done, and me in my post workout state of mind.....MUSH.
And Sunday is back again! The weeks are just flying by this semester, not to mention the weekends.
I really shouldn't be on blogger right now. I should be typing my lengthy, wordy analysis-y answers to questions that I despise. But Kenny left for a minute to run an errand, so while he's not looking, I'm playing. Ha ha. So there.
Today I started the South Beach Diet. So far so good. There's lots of stuff in it that I REFUSE to eat. Mainly the fish and ricotta cheese. Forget it. But the other stuff is doable. We dropped $100+ at Kroger racking up the groceries for this too. Better be worth it! I'm so ready for this!
Treated myself to a manicure yesterday, and I had been looking forward to it for a whole week. My nails are short, but they can still look cute, right? They look horrible now. A crappy paint job and it's already coming off today. Plus, aren't they supposed to remove all the dead skin around the cuticles?? Yeah, I think they forgot. I was in a hurry when I left the salon yesterday, so I didn't look all that closely until a few hours later. I won't be going back there EVER!! I guess that means I will have to go get another manicure this week, somewhere better!
See for yourself.
Back to the analysis bullshit. Happy Sunday!


Tee-T said...

Good luck on your diet! Oh, and your nails look BEEE-YOOOO-TEEEE-FUL!!

Tasha said...

good luck on the diet. I should be thinking of something like that with the wedding in like 5 months.