Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ahhhh....home at last!

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas!
Our's was very busy. First, Christmas between Kenny and I. That was on Christmas Eve (Kenny couldn't wait to open presents until the morning). Then we went to his parents' house in the morning, and then to part of my family's gathering in the afternoon. Whew! And there was a long drive in there....twice. So now we are home, happy, full, and pooped!
Tomorrow we are off to my other family Christmas, so the holiday is most definitley not over yet. There is still more celebrating to be had.
Kenny's favorite gift is the thumb drive. I'm surprised, because usually he likes the fun stuff, like candy or sweatshirts or blankets that I make him. He didn't know what a thumb drive was (and I didn't before I bought it!) but now he knows and LOVES it because soon he will be back and forth between 3 computers. I also got him a cute MICHIGAN lanyard to put the thing on, so he really loves it now!
My favorite gift....there are way too many. My mom made me a stool for my classroom, that was pretty cool! And she didn't put a topcoat on it so I can have my students put their hand prints on it, then I'll seal it up. I love everything I got, but most of all, I love that I was with LOVED ones today. I have so much to be grateful for.
Here are a couple pictures...I am trying to make a slide show, so stay tuned!
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3 stooges face
I think he thinks he's like the 3 Stooges...almost, but not quite...
Even Sparky was celebrating Christmas, even if he wasn't happy about it.


Tasha said...

happy to hear you had a good christmas

Anonymous said...

It looks like a good time was had by all... with the possible exception of Sparky. My daughter was a little disappointed when we set up our Christmas stockings that I refused to put one up for the guinea pigs! In all fairness, we did have a stocking for our dog (may he rest in peace) and it was seeing that which gave her the idea. But really, what more could the guineas have? They already enjoy have all the produce, pellets and fine bedding they can handle!

Tee-T said...

Christmas sounds wonderful at your house - you are lucky to have so much family to celebrate with!