Sunday, January 28, 2007

Time Flies


I have been out of the blogging world for a little while.

I did a couple easy posts last week, but I STILL have to write about LAST weekend. And now this weekend. Whew!!

Where do I start? Last weekend we left on Saturday morning to drive about 8 hours to a convention that Kenny was involved in. I was thinking it was a vacation more or less, and the place we were staying was actually a resort complete with an indoor water park! Because we were there for the convention, our rooms (normally $300 a night) were free, along with free passes to the water park. Yipeee!! The resort also had an african safari theme to it, so everywhere you turn there is animal about wild! Here is a picture of us in the lobby. We kinda felt like we were in the jungle........
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Kenny loved the convention and had a great time socializing, and I had a great time chillin out and EATING! The food was great, and I even stayed on the low carb thing. It wasn't that hard. There were some extra sweets involved though....why not, right?

We actually got a caracature done! I've been wanting one forever, and finally got Kenny to agree to it. Before we left home, I got my hair done, the usual highlights and trim. I decided to use the flat iron because you can see the highlights so much better when my hair is straight. I normally am too lazy in the mornings to take the time to straighten my hair, and it takes a lot because it's naturally curly, so I'm not even used to seeing myself wth straight hair. When we say the caracature, neither of us recognized me, mostly because of my straight hair! Of all the times to get this caracature done!!
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We had a nice long visit with my aunt and uncle who only live about an hour from the resort. They met us in our lobby on Sunday evening for dinner, and Kenny had to go listen to some other people speak, so I had my aunt and uncle to myself and we just chatted and chatted away. Before we knew it, it was 10pm and they had to go to work in the morning!

I had taken Monday off, so Monday morning we got up and attended a couple more conferences, had an amazingly yummy lunch complete with CAKE (the best ever!) and then got on the road around 2pm. Because I have this HUGE paper due soon, I had to work on it on the way home in the truck. With Kenny singing LOUDLY to the radio and trying to talk to me. I had to make him be quiet for 45 minute intervals so I could work on my paper, and then at the end of each 45 minute block of time, I gave him 5 minutes of talk time, and then back to the paper. Can you believe it? It actually worked. I got a ton of work done. Who would have ever thought I would be able to work like that in the truck?

When I got back to work on Tuesday morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find my classroom in top shape. Everything was in its place, and I was greeted with a note from the sub that started with: "Dear Ms. L, Your students were little angels!" I was SO HAPPY! I know I have a good class this year, but everything changes when there's a sub in the room. It was just so COMFORTING to come back to that kind of note.

The rest of the week was ultra stressful. Coming back to stress is so hard. I'm still not caught up yet. This past weekend I went home to work on my paper some more where I had very few distractions. I finished the writing part (whew!) and then had my dad edit it today before I came home. My parents only live a few miles from each other, so I stayed with my mom Saturday night and went over to my dad's this afternoon. He is EXCELLENT with English and grammar, so I completely trust him to edit my big ole paper that's almost done. I have to make the corrections and some last minute changes, and I'm hoping to be done on Wednesday. Then maybe I can get back to my normal blogging, which I MISS SO MUCH!! I feel like I'm neglecting all my blogging friends. I haven't been able to read and comment and enjoy being part of everyone's blog lives in the last week or so. I can't wait to get back into the normal routine after this stinkin paper is done!

Here is a cute picture of my mom plowing the driveway this morning.
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And here is her new kitty, Zeke. He's so fun! My mom actually trained him to ring that bell to go out or to come into the house. A CAT!! I can't believe a cat will do that, but he really does!!
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Mary-LUE said...

Congrats on getting that HUGE paper done! I'm planning on heading back to school in the Fall and I'm d-r-e-a-d-i-n-g my first big paper, already!

Tasha said...

YAY happy you are back...where was the convention at...that hotel looked aewsome. Nothing like that around here I bet...

Lori said...'ve been busy!! One of the worst parts of being out as a teacher is coming back to clean up from a sub ~ kudos on the kiddies being good for the sub!! Sometimes it's more work to be out!

Thanks for the laugh over 45 min. of work time & then 5 min. to talk!! HHHAAAA! Good one!