Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day
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Last year I went out for a couple of drinks with the ladies to celebrate the Irish holiday. This year, I'm not doing squat. Kenny is leaving to go out of town for a while, and I'm at my mom's house for the weekend, neglecting many painting/redecorating tasks that need to get done.
In the last 10 days, my mom has lost two VERY good friends to cancer, both of them WAY TOO YOUNG. One with pancreatic, the other with non-hodgkins lymphoma (sp?). Also, my great uncle passed away a few days later, and my great aunt isn't expected to make it much longer. Needless to say, my mom isn't feeling especially festive today, and she hasn't been for about 10 days now. Four (almost) deaths in about two weeks? I know there's a saying about life handing us lemons and making lemonade. And I know we have our faith in the big man upstairs to get us through everything, but sometimes, at times like these, I wonder what kind of lemonade are we supposed to make when this happens?
So that's my St. Patrick's Day wrap-up. Not too exciting, more like depressing, but at least I am with my momma and trying very hard to bring some 4 leaf clovers and rainbows into her life right now. When you say your prayers today, say an extra one for the family/friends of our dearly departed ones, as well as for my momma, who needs all the extra love she can get.
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Lori said...

Good for you for being there for your mom! she's lucky to have ya! and, I'll send up some prayers for your family!

glad you are back to blogland!!

Tasha said...

sorry for all the sad news...happy St p day!