Friday, March 09, 2007

The House

Happy Friday! These weeks just seem so long lately!
I found a picture of our new house taken on the day of the inspection in January. Are you lovin' the 60s colored shudders and front door? We bought new shudders, a hunter green shade, just haven't put them on yet. And any suggestions with the bushes? Something's got to be done about that this spring. Anyway, that's the new place, and the painting is coming along nicely. Maybe another week and we'll be living there...can't wait! It's closer to work!

I am going to start the big hunt for my camera at some point on Saturday. I just can't take it anymore. And Kenny is excited to find the bag with the camera in it too, because it also contains the one box of girl scout cookies that I bought from a kid at work for him. Apparently that's the motive he needs to help me in my search!


Tasha said...

I can't see the picture...Is is my work computer or is the pic not really there? I will check later form home...FIND.THE.CAMERA.

Lori said...

It's soooo cute! I love the big window in the front!! What kind of door did you get for the front? You HAVE to take before and after pictures!!!! FIND YOUR CAMERA!! Do I need to take a vacation and come help? ha! Just kidding - you would make me paint and that is exhausting work! :-)

Tee-T said...

Lindsey, I love it! Especially the window! A lady who lives near us has a window like that and you can always find it all decked out to fit the season! Currently she has St. Patty's Day stuff...a miniature leprechaun, etc. So many passers-by comment on her window! I hope you can find your camera soon, we want the grand tour!! Oh, did you get my email that I moved my blog? I'm here now: