Thursday, April 12, 2007

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Thirteen Places My Beloved Camera Might Be
1. Under my car seats
2. Under Kenny's truck seats
3. Under furniture in the garage
4. In a drawer in any dresser in the garage
5. In a box that I didn't look in yet
6. Smashed on the side of the road after falling out of the moving truck (oh, how will I ever recover from this one)
7. Hanging from a rafter in the garage
8. In his parents' house, buried under "stuff"
9. In my classroom (no wait, not even possible)
10. In the inside of the moving truck, not found yet
11. Mixed up inside towels and bedding in a garbage bag
12. Hanging from a hook behind the mattresses (still in the garage)
Here's the reason I'm so obsessed with finding the camera right now, aside from just MISSING it like crazy! A while back my grandma asked me if I had found it yet, and I told her no and that I didn't want to talk about it because it makes me sick to my stomach. She told me not to worry, that I would have a dream about where it was and then I'd be able to find it. Okay, well, life went on and then BAM I had the dream Monday night. Just like that. So yestereday, I couldn't be in the house while the stuff on our newly finished floors dries, but I kept thinking that it had to be somewhere UNDER something like a chair or a seat, because in my dream, I pulled out the backpack that it's in from under my driver's seat in my car. So is this a sign that it's under something?? What do you think? It's too cold and wet to be looking for it today, so hopefully tomorrow I can get in there and start looking like a madwoman. If you have any insight on what the dream means, let me know!!


Lori said...

Ok - I had to laugh as soon as I saw the title! :-)

Grandma's are very wise - it must be under something -did you double-check the car seats? It will turn up!!

Mary-LUE said...

Oh, I hope your dream works! I need to see pictures along with your posts!

How are you feeling?

Tasha said...

You poor thing. Hopefully grandma was right and you will find it very soon. Good luck....
Sucky weather for spring break huh?