Thursday, May 17, 2007

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13 Reasons
I Say NO To My Students Daily
  1. "Can I go to the bathroom?" (they just went)
  2. "Can I get a drink?" (they have a water bottle in front of them)
  3. "Can I call home?" (your parents will hate me)
  4. "Can I earn my recess back?"
  5. "Can I eat lunch with you?" (teacher needs a BREAK)
  6. "Is it time to go home?"
  7. "Can I come home with you?"
  8. "Can I get a bandaid?" (when the cut is microscopic , no blood, and they don't need it)
  9. "Can I write on the board?" (they make a huge mess with the chalk and leave the caps off my dry erase markers.....expensive much?)
  10. "Can you call my parents?" (again, they will hate me)
  11. "Can I eat candy for lunch?" (you'd think they would get this after a while, but no)
  12. "Can we skip language arts today?"
  13. "Can I play instead of silent read when I'm done with my journal?"

I'm not heartless at all. I just say "no" a lot. My students deemed me the queen of "NO." I'm proud of that title. I'm not a mean teacher, I just have limits. And rules. And a breaking point.


Tasha said...

Hmmm, sounds just like being a mom. LOL

Lori said...

Amen!! Why do they ALWAYS ask to go to the bathroom 15 minutes after you get back from taking the whole class? LOL!

la bellina mammina said...

No to going to the bathroom? You ARE mean! lol