Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Warning: This contains nudity. If you are a family member, please stop reading now or else you have been fair warned!
Every morning when I get ready for work, Kenny is still sleeping. Actually, he is just falling asleep as I am waking up. Makes for some interesting sleepy conversations. Wait, let me stay on's a good story. I love the quiet time I have in the morning, when there aren't any students demanding my attention, Kenny isn't yacking my ear off (he's soooo long-winded), and it's still dark outside. It's so peaceful, and even though I hate waking up so early, once I'm awake, it's worth it. I have never been one to prance around naked, even in my own home, even around Kenny, EVER. Do you hear me?
N E V E R E V E R E V E R.
I do, however, get dressed inches from Kenny's snoring body. He's always knocked out by that time, so there's no need to worry about him watching me get dressed, right? Huh. Well, today, I dropped the robe, and turned around to catch him staring at me. I was completely naked. And some of you might think that I'm overreacting about this, but really, it's a wierd feeling when you're not used to it. It's not like we're never naked, just not STANDING IN FRONT OF HIM.....WITH NOTHING TO COVER UP WITH....which is always my first instinct. I was totally caught. And he just smiled and said he'd been waiting for 5 years for this moment. What a shit.


la bellina mammina said...

hmmm...did it lead to anything naughty ? ;-) lol

Tasha said...

You had me worried with the warning..I am at work and wasn't sure if I should keep reading....Kenny is such a stinker!

Tee said...

I hope you made it worth his wait!! :)