Thursday, May 24, 2007


What a scorcher is was here in Michigan today!! Hot hot hot! I left work early today to go to a baseball game.....
But not just any baseball game. My cousin T plays college baseball and is AWESOME. His team played in Michigan today, so I actually got to see him play!! It was the PERFECT baseball day. And his team smoked the opposing team. My cousin rocks!
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Went I walked back to my car, this is what I saw:
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My car is on the left. 4 feet from the smashed window. My aunt told me to send this picture to my car insurance company and show them why I almost had to make a claim. 4 feet from that.
F O U R F E E T!!!!


la bellina mammina said...

There are always vandals everywhere huh? Your coz looks cute in his uniform!

Tasha said...

CRAZY!!!...Can you believe how hot it was...The weather man (Chuck) said it didn't get that hot last year until August. Maybe next week we can predict snow, what do you think?

Lori said...

Lucky girl!!! :-)

And your cousin is CUTE! (No need to tell Kevin I noticed! ha!)