Thursday, July 05, 2007

4th of July

This is what we did for the 4th of July.....


Not the kind of work you get paid for, the work that makes you "feel" good at the end of the day. In other words, work on the house.

Since we updated all the landscaping recently, we ordered new shutters because the 60's look is, well, about 50 years out-of-date. They arrived via UPS on Tuesday so Kenny decided yesterday was the day to put them up. And then our front doors needed to match the shutters, so a quick trip to Home Depot to match the paint (they are open on the 4th!!) and he was ready to go! I did NONE of the work. NONE!! Usually, I'm right there digging into whatever project is going, but not this one. And it was nice, not being the one to make/clean up the mess for once. I did mundane things like laundry and the dishes....hey, it counts as work!! I'm sure you are sick of seeing pictures our house, but just so you can see the difference, here's the house when we bought it (left) and then a couple weeks ago just after we relandscaped the whole front (right):

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And here it is now, completely brought up to date 50 years!

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Here's a close-up of the color because from distance they look black, but it's really maroon:

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So that's what we did for the holiday. Not too exciting, but productive. We did see fireworks last night and we always have our flags out on the porch, so even though there was no BBQ or sparklers, we're still patriotic:)


Tasha said...

Wow the house looks great..I am so happy for you that you finally got this house....

Lori said...

I, for one, will not get sick of looking at your house pics ~ I love before/after pics! Great job!! I did think they were black until the close-up!! ha!

la bellina mammina said...

Great house!