Monday, July 02, 2007

Tiny Adventure

We bought a canoe! It was last week actually, and we used it today for the first time. Kenny and I actually go canoeing every spring and summer with friends during camping trips, but we always rent the boats. We saw a good one for sale and bought it and it's awesome!

Funny story~we are canoeing in a nearby lake, just a small one, this evening. It's a beautiful day, cooling off, but sun still shining bright, and there are people out and about on the edge of the water fishing, talking, playing with dogs (Kenny drools at the sight of a man and his dog), you get the picture. We are paddling along totally enjoying ourselves. The lake actually turns into a river and goes under a road, and Kenny wants to go under it. So we get closer to the bridge, thinking we can just zip right under it and keep going. We get closer, and closer, and closer, and then I get this real panicky feeling, like something is telling me this isn't a good idea. I yell at Kenny to STOP steering us in that direction and turn around NOW. He's all, "Why? I want to go under there!" And I'm yelling at him to stop. "I HEAR FAST RUNNING WATER! WE ARE NOT GOING IN THERE!!" is what I yell to him. And sure enough, there's a HUGE dropoff, and we would have been completely screwed if we had kept going. Thank the big man upstairs that I heard that water when I did. Kenny kept saying (after we safely turned around) that he couldn't believe there wasn't a sign that warned boaters to turn around. We turned around in our canoe to see if there was one that we had missed, and there was, but it was teeny and hidden behind a tree, so it didn't do much good. He thinks I completely overreacted about it, and that we weren't as close as I thought to the dropoff. All I can say is BS! It was ME that was in the front of the canoe and it was ME that heard the water!! In my opinion, it was ME that saved our butts!


Tasha said...

OMG, you saved his life!!! LOL, he will forever be in gratefulness to you. Canoeing sounds fun!

Lori said...

FUN!!! Where is a picture???

la bellina mammina said...

too funny!