Monday, August 13, 2007


This summer has really flown by. I know I've said that many times, and other people have said that too, but gosh it was just yesterday I was looking at the calendar thinking I had a whole summer in front of me. Not anymore! I still have this week and part of next week to not be at work. But in a few short days that too will be gone. My list of things to do for the summer has about half of the items crossed off. Not bad! Usually, I do one or two things and abandon the whole thing. I was good this summer. The main thing we didn't get done were the updates on our kitchen, but that's not something that can be done quickly, so I'm not sweatin' it. This weekend, even though I was still suffering from a stuffy head/chest, I cleaned out half of the garage and unpacked the VERY LAST of the boxes from moving in. THAT felt great! The other half of the garage will have to wait until Kenny and I can work on it together. It's mostly his stuff, and he's not sure what to do with it yet, so we'll wait until he's ready. That could be FOREVER! As long as one side is cleaned out and I can put my car and the lawn mower in there, it's all good. Oh yeah, the snowblower too, cause we'll be needing one of those this winter! All these little projects that I work on make me feel good that I can get things cleaned out and the junk thrown away. Does anyone else feel like that when they clean an area out?? It's almost theraputic. Almost. Today I'm going to attack the trunk of my car. Now that we have a house everyone (EVERYONE!!) feels the need to give us more shit. Like we need anymore! We have enough. But, seriously, I've aquired so much lately. Back in March there were quite a few deaths in my family, so when relatives were going through the unoccupied houses, they were thinking,"Lindsey needs this, Lindsey needs that, and maybe this, this, and this too!!" And I know that they are all trying to be helpful, but much of it is still in my trunk, unused, and waiting to be pitched. The stuff that's NOT getting thrown out is the teaching stuff. That's the stuff I like to have pile up in the trunk, it means less I have to purchase!
I can hear Kenny calling my name from the driveway, which means he lost something and needs me to help him find it....or he just doesn't want to look for it. Anyone know what that's like??
But I'll leave you with this:

I never said I didn't KNOW how to cook, just that I DON'T cook often.

But when I do, hmmmm hmmm. Watch out Betty and Rachael!


Tasha said...

You just made my stomach growl.

Lori said...

I am starving right now and that looks great!!

And no whining to me about your summer b/c I started back to work today!! ha!

la bellina mammina said...

AWWW! That makes my mouth water - and I only just had my breakfast!! ;-)

Lindsay said...

hahaaa, i had to scroll down your post... I saw Pizza and knew you posted a picture!

Steff said...

Dang...your blog isn't scratch and sniff either!

Lori said...

Tagged ya! :-)

marykathryn said...

Love pizza, however you can sooo leave off the mushrooms!!..hehe
BTW.. I tagged you!!