Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Yay!! It's Thursday finally!! That means getting through today and then tomorrow and then the weekend!! I can't wait to sleep in. For some reason, my eyes have burned with sleepiness every single day this week. I look at my students through half-open eyes. Good thing they keep me on my toes. If I had the kind of job that kept me in a chair, I'd never make it without a nap!! I actually fell asleep yesterday in the car-ride home. I was in the backseat because sometimes 3 of us ride together, and I was out before we hit the freeway. It felt SOOOO good. When I woke up, I couldn't figure out why I was in a car or what time it was. Then I remembered I was almost home....RELIEF!!!! You ever have those days where you work all day just to come HOME and stay home?? That's me this week.

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Thirteen Things I'd Rather Be Doing Instead of Going to Work

1. Sleeping

2. Working out

3. Hanging out with my fiance (OMG!!)

4. Shopping

5. Meeting Tasha for dinner (during the day!!)

6. Did I mention sleeping?

7. Sewing

8. Scrapbooking

9. Getting pics developed so I CAN scrapbook (I'm so behind!)

10. Doing NOTHING!

11. Visiting my parents and my brother

12. Starting to plan this wedding

13. Watching reruns on TVLand


Tasha said...

I fell ya on the sleepiness..maybe its the weather.

When I seen #5, I got the biggest grin on my face...I am so happy we met, I love you!

Lori said...

fiance...giggle giggle!

Steff said...

I live for Saturday mornings! Each day when the alarm goes off while I'm trying to find the snooze button, I think only ____ days till Saturday!

I love Saturdays! :)