Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Almost asleep at work

While in EXTREMELY boring meetings today at our teacher inservice, the only time my ears perked up (and my eyes opened) was when I heard these random tidbits of information:

  • The word GOLF came from Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden

  • When you see a statue of a soldier on a horse, if both front legs of the horse are raised, the man died in the battle. If one front leg is raised, the man died from wounds as a result of the battle. And if all four legs of the horse are on the ground, the man died later in life from natural causes.

  • 50% of all Americans live within 50 miles of their birthplace

  • In England pubs, beer was ordered in pints and quarts. When the customers got unruly, the bartender told them to mind their pints and quarts, which is where "mind your Ps and Qs" came from.

You know you are with the times when the following things apply to you:

  • It's quite possible you have entered your pin number into the microwave by accident

  • You've never played solitare with real cards

  • You have 15 phone numbers to reach 3 family members

  • You email a person sitting 3 feet away from you

  • Websites are at the bottom of every commercial, billboard, and on every box of food

  • Your excuse for not staying in touch with someone is that they don't have email

  • Getting online before you have your first cup of coffee in the morning is the normal routine

  • You will jam on the brakes and drive back home if you forget your cell phone, like you can't live without it

THESE are the things that kept me going through pointless meetings this morning. And that's it. The good news was we got to leave work at 1pm. Traffic was crazy. I guess the airport wasn't having issues inside, but the parking was what was holding everyone up. Thank goodness I'm not flying anywhere!


Lori said...

Interesting tidbits...and I have emailed Kevin before with him sitting on the couch with me! LOL! That is sad huh?

Enjoy your break!

Tee said...

My friend's computer has been down for a while and we've basically lost touch without email. That is sad.

..oh and I'm glad I'm a lady forbidden from golf. Pftt. A bunch of old men in funny pants chasing a tiny ball around in the hot sun. They can keep their ol' golf. LOL

Have an enjoyable weekend!