Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

You won't find any tales of shopping on Black Friday here!! I refuse to participate in that! It's way too crazy! I am going to be a home-body all day!
Thanksgiving was so fun and relaxing. I got the privilege of meeting my brother's new girlfriend, who is the most awesome of awesome chicks. She seems just perfect for my brother. When she walked into my mom's house, she hugged me. Right off the bat. How can you not love that? I know what it's like to be in her shoes and not know the family! I knew ahead of time I was going to try to make her feel as comfortable as possible, but that was just too cool! And my brother has a permanent smile on his face. They are great together.
When we got home last night I had promised Kenny we could get out the Christmas tree and start decorating. He made me keep my promise. At 10pm, we were hauling the tree down from the rafters in the garage and dragging it in the house. At 11pm we were stringing lights on it (the tree comes prelit with white lights, but we add some colored strands too).

At midnight we were wrapping our light pole in the front yard with garland and the largest red felt bow I've ever seen. And then we put all the bales of hay, pumpking, and corn shocks out for the trash (perfect timing) and decided to wait until daylight to strong up the lights on the outside of the house. Kenny sure is ambitious about all this. I'm thinking it may be because it's the first Christmas in our house, and to take advantage of it while it lasts. I love it that he's so excited. Look at what he took a picture of. This was HIS idea!!

I bought that Christmas bulb back in June when we were at convention and I had lots of time to spend money. Isn't it cute?? Next year, I'm sure we'll have a bulb or some other kind of decoration that says something about our first Christmas as husband and wife. I love all that stuff!

I have declared to anyone who will listen that I'm staying home today. I have a list of stuff to do, big stuff, and I really want to get it done. I am leaving the house in a minute, but it's to work out, so that really doesn't count, because I'm not running an errand. When I get home, I'm starting in on my to-do list and we'll see how far I get!!


Lori said...

Urgh! I had this nice LONG comment typed out and blogger lost it! I hope that isn't an omen for my day! ha! I have a list of chores today too for my family gathering at my house tomorrow!

Yay for Kenny being in the Christmas spirit!!

Tasha said...

Tell Kenny if he is that excited to hang Christmas lights he is more than welcome to come to my house and do it too! LOL!

Love the bulb. I would like to find one for me and Chris that says 1st christmas as husband and wife, so if you see one, let me know..thx.