Friday, November 30, 2007

Funny things said by Kenny in the last day or so:

I called him from work on my lunch break to say hi, and when he answered, I asked him what he was up to. He said, "I took a shower, and put on some jeans I haven't worn since last year and they were tight. " I asked him why he thought they were tight (of course I know why) and he said, "Because I like candy."

Last night Kenny said he wanted something healthy for dinner (we were just finishing up registering for wedding presents) so where do we go? Wendy's. Not that healthy, but he could still get a salad. He orders a salad, and while doing so, tries to figure out a way to get the chili into the BLT chicken salad (he didn't want the one that came with it). I ask him why he doesn't just get a burger and a chili if that's what he wants and he says, "I'm trying to eat healthy by getting a salad, but I really only like the salads if they aren't really salads." That's my Kenny!


Lori said...

HaHa! I totally get that! My jeans are getting too tight too, and I don't like healthy food either! The more greasy, the better!

Steff said...

Hey, I totally understand liking salads if they aren't really salads!

Three weeks to go until Christmas break. I think this will be the busiest, parties, wrapping, holiday-ness stuff in general!

Tee said...

Hey, I like THOSE salads too!

Candy!! So that explains my too-tight jeans. Thank you Kenny!!

How about a candy salad?? Why isn't THAT on Wendy's menu? Huh?

Tasha said...

Kenny is just toooo funny

la bellina mammina said...

LOL! He's cute!

Weekend's here soon - TGIF! Get that much deserved sleep, girlfriend:-)