Monday, November 05, 2007

Looking out my classroom window at BLAH

I have a bad case of the Monday blues. Ugh. And I have a list of things to do when I get home....pick up boxes at the post office to mail belated birthday gifts, pack the gifts and get back to the post office to mail them, grocery store, dollar store (classroom stuff), gym after dinner, and there's more I just can't do it all tonight. And all I want to do is go home!! I suppose because I'm posting from work today that I'll have to take school work home to be fair. Not a good thing! All I want is my bed and blankie and puppy and to curl up and sleep. And Kenny too, I can't forget him!
I think I mentioned earlier the number of people we have in our wedding party, but just in case I didn't, the number is 10. On each side. Go ahead and gasp......okay, now close your mouth and keep reading. It's Kenny's fault. Actually, it's my fault. I started with 5, and keep in mind I have many cousins and friends and step-sisters. So that filled up quick. Then Kenny couldn't cut his list so I added 2 more. And then he still couldn't make some decisions so I just finally gave in because he was having such a hard time and was going back and forth with things so I said for him to just give me the number. I knew I could fill it with all my family members and very close friends. So I did. I don't regret it, and they only place it's going to cost me more money is buying the gifts for the attendants. They were already invited to the wedding, so it's not like it's more invitations or plates. I know the number is large, but I did tell Kenny he could, so it's my fault I guess. Oh well. He's happy, and believe me, when he is, I am. Life is MUCH nicer when Kenny's happy!! I can't even remember the reason I got into talking about this, but I'm sure I'll remember after I hitthe publish post button. But now you know how many people are in the wedding party. Oh yeah, there's also a junior bridesmaid (another cousin), a ring bearer (cousin), and two teeny little flower girls (Kenny's 2nd cousins). So make that a grand total of 26 including the bride and groom. And no, we won't be renting a limo.

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