Tuesday, November 27, 2007

NaBloPoMo Day 27

Only a few more days of NaBloPoMo left. Whew. Not that I don't love posting every day, it's just a little bit of pressure when I don't have something to blog about. And hello, it's been almost a month and I still don't have the NaBloPoMo icon in my sidebar because I missed the seminar on how to do that correctly. Oh well. I've done it every day, and if you don't believe me, check out all the previous posts. You'll see!

I have a confession: I put my wedding dress on tonight. No one was here to help me (or spy on me.....Kenny!), and I did it just fine myself. I have been wanting to, and for some reason, it felt naughty and great all at the same time. I love it. I never want to take it off. It's so comfortable, and I can't wait to wear it for real! If it weren't for the fear that I have that Kenny will come home and see me in it, I would probably be blogging in it. But I'm not.

Today was a day that drained me. The kids were constantly, "I need......I need......I need......." and I just kept thinking, "I NEED A TIME OUT!" And I really did. I got it on my way home from the gym.....no radio, no noise, no phone, nobody....complete and total silence. Just what I needed. Ahhhh.


Tasha said...

Thats SO funny. I can't wait to see you in your dress. Youa re gonna be one beautiful bride.

Tee said...

I agree. You are going to be a beautiful bride, but it's not going to be because of the fancy dress or the made-up 'do -- it's going to be because your happiness will be twinkling in your eyes. You will positively glow, I just know it. I really am so happy for you two!!

Lori said...

I am excited for ya and can't wait to see that dress!!