Monday, November 19, 2007

One more day

One more day, one more day, one more day. One more day teaching, then Wednesday we have professional development all day, so no kids, and then then holiday. I can hang in there for one more day. It's not the work that is killing me, it's everything else. Seriously, today, on my prep time, the one hour a day I'm SUPPOSED to get to do work in the classroom and preparation for the kids, it was nonstop knocks at the door, interruptions, questions, phone calls, the list goes on. I was so frazzled that I couldn't stop and take a deep breath. Those are the times I would love to have a desk/office job where I could step out and take a break, uninterrupted, adult time, no hassles, no questions, just 5 minutes of silence. Yes, those are the times I need that. I needed it today and it never happened until I was home. That's why when I come home, I need a hour to unwind. No one understands that. It's not because I don't want to be around anyone else, it's because I might go insane. Tomorrow is going to be crazy. The kids know the holiday is coming, and it's their last day of school, they know they are getting a movie (which I can and WILL take away if need be), and worse yet, Christmas is right around the corner. I know I've been bitching alot about the craziness of my job lately, and don't get me wrong, I LOVE teaching and I LOVE those kids, but they are C R A Z Y right now. For example, when I picked my class up from gym class (here we go with the gym class thing again), one of my boys tattles on another one saying he had his cell phone out in gym class. So I take the boy in question to the side and ask him how old he is. He holds up his fingers indicating 7, and then I ask him why he has his cell phone in school, let alone in his pocket, nevermind that he's only 7 years old and shouldn't have a cell phone anyway (I think). He answers without hesitation that he forgot it was in his pocket. Not only did he admit that he had it right then and there and who's to say that I even knew for sure that he had it....I was just going off what another kid had told me.....but he also lied TO MY FACE about "not knowing that it was in his pocket." Whatever. He TOTALLY knew it and was showing it off. It actually turned out to be daddy's old "cut-off" cell phone that he let the kid play with. So I kept it in my drawer and made the kid sweat it out the rest of the day. And then when his dad picked him up after school, I handed it to him and his dad gave me the look, you know the one, like the kid is in heaps of trouble. And I'm sure in the morning I will get an apology and be told that my shirt looks nice, or that he likes my shoes, because that's how this student is....when he knows he's in trouble, he brown noses like crazy. I'm not a mean teacher, I swear I'm not, I'm just not a nicey-nicey teacher, the kind that just pats you on the back when you were naughty. No way. Consequences. There are always consequences. Even good ones.

I worked out extra hard today in preparation for the eating on Thursday. I can already taste the pumpkin pie. Yummy!!


Tasha said...

I'm so happy other people have days like this! lets start a club! LOL

Lori said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean about the craziness! My day is finally over and I survived it with a splitting sinus headache! urgh!