Friday, November 02, 2007

Happy Day = Friday

There's a reason the work week only has five days in it. BECAUSE NO ONE CAN TAKE MORE THAN THAT!!! My day started out crazy. I usually am pretty organized. I know where things are and I am pretty good about putting things away and not losing them. Not the case this morning. I lost about four MUCH NEEDED items before I got into my car to drive to work. And then one of the girls I carpool with handed me gas money this morning and I lost it, temporarily, but it still pissed me off that I lost it. Ah! That's not me at all!! When I got to school, my room was a mess. Usually the kids do a pretty good job of cleaning up (I really get after them about it) but yesterday was one of those days where there were more interruptions and unplanned things going on that could be handled along with the normal picking up at the end of the day. So I told them to hurry up and get their things and I would clean it up when they were gone. Now you know that didn't happen....I was waaaaay too tired to do that after that monstous day. So I FOR ONCE left my room in shambles. I hate the feeling of coming in the morning to a messy anything. So I was greeted with that this morning. My day perked up when a coworker asked me if I wanted soul food for lunch and I was like YES I NEED THAT TODAY!!!!! So I had greens and BBQ chicken, the kind that just melts on your tongue. Mmmmmm. It was so good. I was good mac and cheese, no cornbread, and no dressing. Just the veges and meat. The rest of the day went pretty well. My students are still on a slight sugar high from Halloween, but I'm hoping the weekend will knock it out of them!

I think I'll be trying on wedding dresses tomorrow with my mom, Kenny's mom, my aunt, and possibly my Grandma. My mom is a little under the weather, so she might not go too, and to be truthful, it won't be the same without her. There is a HUGE sale, that's the ONLY reason I will go without her if she can't make it, but I really am not excited about it without her. Cross your fingers that she will be here in the morning!

Here's something funny that happened this week. I called a teacher in another classroom to ask her a question during the day and while I was talking to her she said to one of her students, "Park that bottom!" I was cracking up. So a little while later, when one of my kids was running around NOT doing what he was supposed to do, I said the same thing and the whole class just looked at me like I was crazy. One of them said, "You never say bottom!" And it's true, I hate that word altogether. I tell them to sit on their "cushies" when they are sitting on the carpet because I can't stand saying the word bottom. A while later, the same kid who is never in his seat long enough to even raise his hand comes over to where I am and says he needs help. We have rules about raising hands for a question, and clearly, this child doesn't get it, so I give him the teacher look, and he says, "I know, I know, park my bottom, right?" and goes right back to his chair and raises his hand. I was dying in side. It was so funny the way he said that!!!! I've already changed the saying to "park your car" because I couldn't stand the word bottom any longer, but right now it's the running joke in our classroom. You can hear them snickering it when they think I'm not listening. Too funny. Alright, I'm out. Oh yeah, Kenny has my password to this blog now and so he keeps threatening to "guest" blog and I can already tell you that it will be ridiculus and innappropriate, so just an FYI. If there happens to be an entry that is vulgar, scary, or just not me, that's why. I'm changing my password immediatly but I have a feeling he'll still get in. Boys!


marykathryn said...

Hope your mom is feeling better and you girls can go have a wonderful day, how exciting..WEDDING DRESS shopping!! So funny that your man is gonna be a "guest" blogger..Seroiusly cracks me up!!

Tasha said...

Oh, I hope your mama feels better and gets to go..I know it was so important to have my mom there with me....YAY dress SHOPPING

Lori said...

Soul food - YUM!! My favorite!

Hope your Mom made it!

Tee said...

Wedding dress shopping! The best time of a girl's life! Your mom just HAS to be there!

Looking forward to Kenny "parking his bottom" at your computer and entertaining us all. Maybe Kenny should start his OWN blog???