Monday, January 21, 2008


Because today was the observance of MLK Jr. Day, I didn't have to work!! Yay! Three day weekends are the best! It's been a very relaxing, fun weekend. Saturday I putzed around doing wedding stuff and then went to Tasha's in the afternoon for a jewelry party. That was fun!!! And tempting! Then after everyone left she and I got to chat for a while longer, which was awesome! On Sunday Kenny and I went shopping and ran errands and played with the puppy. And today my mom and I went shopping to find her mother-of-the-bride outfit for the wedding! Since my mom lives an hour and a half away, I don't get to go shopping with her much, so I always get so happy when the chance presents itself. Which it did today!! I love her's RED! My mom is a rather conservative woman, no bright colors, she's more of an earthy tone woman. We started looking at dresses and suits and the first one she tried on was red, and it was a hit right away!! We didn't even go to another store. Can you believe that? She did try on a couple more dresses just to see what else she could like, but always came back to the first one. And then she found red shoes to match. I'm still in mom in red!! She looks awesome! Here she is (you know I had my camera in the dressing room with me!!):
I have been one busy crafting person in the last week. I've made lots of things for the wedding!! First, the card box. Before I decided to make it myself, I checked out prices online and in stores. I spent maybe only $10 less making it myself, but it's WAAAAAY cuter (I'm biased) than the ones I've seen. I just can't do the bird cage thing! So I bought shimery red fabric and some white ribbon and paper mache boxes, and away I went. Here it is!!


The flower girls will carry those kissing balls, and I did find then in stores and online for around $12 each, but I wanted them to have pink flowers and I didn't want the kissing balls to be teeny, so I bought pink hydrangeas (on sale at Joanns because they are spring floral), styrophome balls, (4 inch ones, but I ended up cutting them back to 3 inch), beaded garland (had it left over in my classroom) and floral pins and this is how I made them:

First stab the ball with a floral pin. Then fill the holes with hot glue and push the pin in, making sure you fasten the beaded garland between the pin and the ball so it will stay (the garland is what the kissing ball is held with). Then do that with the other floral pin, let them dry for about 2 minutes.


Take the hydrangea stalks.....

.....and cut all the stalks down so there's only about 2 inches of stem left. The longer then stem, the bigger the ball, the more flowers you will have to use. And believe me, I never thought it would take THIS MANY flowers to cover a 4 inch ball, which is why I cut back to 3 inches.

Then start pushing the stems in the styrophome. The trick to that is (ask me AFTER the ceremony how well it lasts...hehehe) to push the stem in quickly and don't move it around when it's in the styrophome. Leave it!! Here's the first one:

And then about halfway done:

And then all done!!! Look how pretty it is!!

I spent $30 total on 2 kissing balls. And I love them! I hope the little ladies will too! I'm not sure if they appreciate anything besides Hannah Montana these days.
And here is a picture of what the bridesmaids will carry....I haven't added red ribbon yet. Not sure if I will. I change my mind A LOT these days. Anyway, here are their white rose bouquets:

There are a few other things I'm working on, but I'll save that for another post!!
I have to say THANK YOU to Lindsay from Splat Designs for giving me the new award the rock Linds!


Tee said...

I am SERIOUSLY impressed!! I would not even know where to begin with all of this. You are so crafty and the flowers look gorgeous. Your mother also looks gorgeous! She looks fabulous in red! You must be getting even more excited with each passing day!!!

LaskiGal said...

Holy cow! You are amazing. The flowers are awesome . . . sure you want to stay in teaching? BTW, what grade do you teach?

I'm coming in this weekend (to see baby's little bro)--what's the weather going to be like!?! (Northern Detroit Burbs . . . )

I just noticed you don't have much longer to go before your big day!

la bellina mammina said...

WOW! You've been busy girlfriend! Flowers are gorgeous!!

I'm getting excited for you!:-)

Tasha said...

1st of all your momma is gorgeous! I love her dress and she looks GREAT.

2nd, the kissing balls are beautiful..You were trying to describe them but they turned out so GOOD. I am so proud of you!

3rd..I LOVE LOVE the bridemaids flowers...Just my opinion, I think a few FEW red flowes would look really nice, but the white is awesome!

OH and the card box, GREAT JOB, I know you were nervous about it, it doesn't even look like you made looks store bought..Good Job on Everything.

Vader's Mom said...

I love the dress & the card box!

But, I really love the kissing balls. That's what my flower girls carried too and they both still have them!! They show me everytime I go visit and my wedding was almost nine years ago!

Lori said...

Wow ~ that is serious dedication and talent! I tend to buy it and take the easy way out...scrapbooking is about as crafty as I get! ha!

Love your Mom's dress by the way!