Tuesday, June 10, 2008

24-48 Hours Left!!

One more day! With kiddos that is. Tomorrow is field day and then Thursday I have to be at work for a short time and then I'M DONE!!! The kids are excited, and a little sad I think. I've had 7 of them for 2 years, so they are saying that they will miss me. But they are only moving next door, so I will be able to check up on them daily. That makes moving on easier for both of us.

I took pictures of them today and printed them and tomorrow their gifts from me will be those fun foam door hangers, and they can glue their pictures on them and decorate it with glitter glue, my personal favorite! One last art project.....sigh....

All kidding aside, I will miss them, but I'm sooo ready for vacation to begin. This will be my first summer vacation as a wife!! A year ago I wasn't even engaged and here I am married!

Kenny is asking me to come and sit with him and watch the news.....I will do that as long as he doesn't mess with me. Aka-tickle me. I hate that, and that's probably what he has in store for me. Good thing I'm quicker than he is in getting up from the couch.

One more real day of work! YAY!!!


Tasha said...

I can see the sadness in your words, but as soon as the day is over, I'm sure it will be okay! If you get lonely for some 7-8 year olds, just let me know and I will send Hannah over and yu won't be lonely anymore, LOL!

la bellina mammina said...

Happy summer holidays!!! We only have 2 more weeks to go! :-)

doubleduty said...

You get a break from the 7 year olds, only to come home to the biggest kid of all! LOL Gotta love that tickle monster! He'll keep you young!

Lori said...

I know the sad feelings that are mixed with the excitement of summer all too well! :-)
I cried a few times!!

Hard to believe all that's happened in a year!!! Engaged, wedding, and now a MRS. What to do now? ha!

Steff said...

I know that "I'm Done!" feeling and it is so nice! We got out last Thursday...gosh you've gone long. Anyway, enjoy every minute of your first summer as a wife!

And always give into some tickle time...never know where it could lead. Hehe ;)

Kellan said...

My sister is a teacher - I know what you are saying. We are sooooooo happy it is summer vacation - me and my kids! I hope yours is wonderful.

Have a good day - Kellan