Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gettin' Ready

Holy crap....we're leaving Tuesday morning EARLY for our honeymoon and I have to pack tomorrow!! I made my lists today of stuff to get and stuff to pack....still so much to remember! I am so excited. The only problem is....Kenny & I both have said how much we are going to miss the puppy. He's been away from her for a week at a time before, I have not. I think the most I've been away from her is 2 nights. She's going to stay with Kenny's parents who absolutely adore her. So she'll be in good hands and very well fed. I'll still miss her though.

It's 10am right now, and by 10pm I have to:
  • finish laundry for both Kenny & I (not much left)
  • fold the clothes and make piles to figure out what to pack
  • actually pack my bag (Kenny's on his own this time)
  • get together all the toiletries for both of us somehow (we are kind of high maintenance in that department)
  • buy suntan lotion and find my sunblock
  • buy beach towels (the old ones belong to Puppy now)
  • find the matching Bride & Groom hats I bought to pack
  • drop off 7 bags of clothes at goodwill
  • take back about 7 bags of pop/beer cans to the grocery store
  • visit the bank
  • visit BFF and drop off leftover wedding stuff
  • water all plants
  • feed & water the hamster
  • pay any bills that aren't yet paid (not fun)
  • charge our cameras
  • decide which purses/shoes to take

I know there's more but this list is enough to give me a headache. You would think I waited till the last minute or something.....I'm off to get some things done!!!


Krystyn said...

Hope you managed to finish it all!

Lori said...

Have a blast - you deserve it!!

la bellina mammina said...

Whew!! What a list! Have a fun honeymoon!

Tasha said...

oh come on its not that bad, you just planned a wedding, lol

doubleduty said...

Hope you have a fabulous trip!