Sunday, July 13, 2008

My kitchen in clean and I didn't clean it!!

Ever have one of those sleeps that just sucks you in, like you are so asleep NOTHING can wake you? That's how I slept last night. I worked with Kenny all day and then came home with a headache. I had every intention of cleaning the kitchen (it must have been the catch all room in Kenny's mind for about 24 hours because it was BAD) but every time I went to do it, my head hurt even worse. Like it was telling me NO WAY can you clean me tonight. So I told Kenny I was going to bed because of the headache and to please wake me up in an hour for my next dose of tylenol. He did, it was so sweet, and then, just as I was dozing off again, I hear clanking and banging in the kitchen, and before I was completely in sleep land, I thought to myself that I must already be dreaming if he's cleaning the kitchen. When I woke from the the most awesome, deep, uninterrupted sleep I've ever had this morning (yes, even the puppy left me alone!!), I saw the kitchen and just about hit my knees. Kenny had cleaned the whole thing from top to bottom. He not only PUT AWAY all his crap, but he had cleaned it with actual cleaner! I was shocked. Now that I know he'll actually do it, I might have to expect more, but I'm not holding my breath. I am still so happy about it. I keep running in there just to marvel at the sight of a clean room that wasn't made that way by me!! What a feeling!

We are going canoeing today on a nearby lake. This is the lake where the falls are, so I will have to make sure we STAY AWAY from that end of the lake. Last summer we canoed there and I knew there was an end of the lake to avoid, buy Kenny didn't believe me, and we were almost toast in the rapids. Hopefully this time he'll remember that and listen to me when I say turn around!! heheheh. I am looking forward to canoeing. I wish I could take pictures, but I don't dare bring our camera, not with our track record of flipping canoes, which will be a whole other post!!

I can just tell today is going to be one of those lazy, awesome Sundays!!


doubleduty said...

Hold on to that man!! Clean kitchens are better than diamonds!!!

Tasha said...

What a grat guy!!! Kenny is awesome. Have fun on the lake..

Lori said...

Wow - cleaning the kitchen! Impressive!!

Have fun canoeing. Kevin wants us to buy a canoe so we can start going whenever we we don't have enough junk to store! ha!

Vader's Mom said...

What a sweet guy you have!