Sunday, July 06, 2008

Just Happy

Today was one of those days that is just perfect. It's probably the most beautiful day yet in Michigan, not a cloud in the sky, hot, no humidity (rare for July in MI), and no where that I need to be. I finished up cleaning this morning and then helped Kenny for about an hour, and then the rest of the day was mine. He went to work, and I went to the backyard to work in the flowerbeds and the lawn. We're still bringing the backyard up to par, it seems like it's taking forever, but it's almost there. I got some GOOD sun today, it was hot but it felt so good.

I feel so much more comfortable and happy this summer for some reason. I was happy last summer too, it was our first summer in our house, there was tons of stuff to "re-do," and it was a great summer, but for some reason, this one is different. Every day I'm so happy, thankful, loving life, more than I ever have. I'm sure it has to do with being married to Kenny, and not waiting around guessing when he will propose, hearing people constantly ask me when we'll get married. That was getting SO OLD. I don't have that to think about, and also because the summer started out with an amazing honeymoon, I KNOW that adds happiness. I just look around at things in our house and things outside, and I'm so elated that we are where we are in life. Not just with the material things, I mean the two of us. This feels like the most magical time in my life, even more so than when I was newly engaged or in the throws of wedding planning (which, just in case you forgot, I LOVED EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT!!! but I'm glad I have my life back now). I guess the best way to describe it is this....there have been 3 absolutely perfect days in my life: 1) graduation from college 2) Kenny proposing 3) our wedding day.....and the way I feel right now is like all three of those combined. That's how happy I feel!!

While I know life and marriage has ups and downs, I'm taking full advantage of this UP right now. Believe me there are times every day where I am irritated or antsy, and my life is by no means perfect. But I know when happiness hits, we are supposed to thrive in it, and that's exactly what I'm doing!


Lori said...

I think that's called content!! Relish it ~ you are truly blessed!!
And, I know you don't miss the 'when are you getting married?' b/c that is what I'm getting sick of right now with Mr. Kevin! LOL!

Vader's Mom said...

That picture is adorable!

I'm so glad that you've settled in and little and that you are able to enjoy life! You made me happy just talking about how happy you are.

Tasha said...

what a great feeling to be happy!

doubleduty said...

Awwww Lindsey. You're so beautiful! Inside AND out. I'm happy you're happy!