Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's 6:30am....I've been up since 5am and I went to bed at 12:30am. OMG what did I do to myself?? Today is my first day back at work, for meetings and putting classrooms back together. Vacation is officially over. I'm sad, but also a teeny bit okay with going back, but don't tell anyone I said that. I LOVE having days with no time restrictions and being able to work on things around the house, come and go as I please, sleep in, take naps, all the enjoyable things that time off brings. But there's that one small percentage of me that is looking forward to seeing my coworkers (some of them anyway, heh) again. I'm no where near being ready for kids though. I still have some time before I am ON for 8 hours a day. Thank goodness! So off I go, on my 7th year of teaching. Wish me luck.

Thirteen Things I Will Miss About Summer Vacation

1. Sleeping in (I didn't get to do that much, but I loved it when I did!)

2. Seeing my hubs

3. Playing with the dog anytime

4. Not feeling overwhelmed or stressed out

5. A CLEAN house all the time!

6. The laundry ALWAYS being folded/hung up

7. Laying in the sun (hello-honeymoon!!)

8. Watching the Olympics

9. Seeing my family so easily

10. Weekends at the lake

11. Time to myself

12. WARM weather!!

13. No burnout feeling!


Krystyn said...

I miss my summer, too!

And, I didn't always have all of laundry done or the house clean, but adding a toddler in the mix makes it a lot harder.

doubleduty said...

Take the kids back PLEASE!!!! (Just kidding, I love having my kid home and wish she never had to go back!) Good luck with the new school year!

Tasha said...

Hope you have a good day back..Can;t wait to hear all about it...and for the record it should be Thursday 14, spending time with Tasha and her crazeeee kids :)

Lori said...

Oh no - I didn't realize you had gone back! This week has been a whirlwind for me...your list is RIGHT ON! You could add that you didn't miss stacks of papers to grade. I have a backpack full already! :-)