Thursday, October 02, 2008

October October October!!

I think this is my favorite month. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fall. I am currently loving the cold weather. Last night our neighbor was burning leaves (yes, it's again the rules, but whatever) and it smelled so good, especially with the crisp air. Then there's the promise of all the holidays, my birthday, and just a bunch of fun stuff. That's why I heart fall so much!

Back to what I said about loving the cold weather....I really do, but it caught me off guard last night. We still had windows open in our house yesterday. They have probably been open for weeks because it's been so nice in Michigan lately. I fell asleep on the couch last night and woke up around midnight SHAKING because I was so stinkin' cold. Kenny was working on the computer, and I sleepily got up from the couch and staggered down the hallway to turn the heat on for the first time this season. While I moaned and complained about FREEZING, I went to our bedroom which is on the end of the house, and it always the coldest room in the house. It was so cold in there!!!! I got in bed and realized a sheet, thermal blanket and comforter was not going to cut it until the heat was on full blast, so I begged Kenny to bring me a couple fleece bankets. I wrapped myself in them, THEN got in the covers, and was still convulsing from the was pathetic. It took Kenny laying on me to keep me warm for about 10 minutes and then I started to warm up. I woke up at 430am with a nice, toasty warm house, right at 75 degrees. I know that's too warm, and I probably turned up the heat too much, but I WAS SO COLD!!! Seriously, when I got to work my fingers were still cold. But even after all of that, I still love October!


I need some advice from anyone who has ever made a baby ringsling....I'm making one for Tasha and I'm using a jersey fabric, soft with a touch of stretch to it. When it's folded properly, it's too thick for my sewing machine. Any advice?


Krystyn said...

I heart fall, too! It's my favorite.

And, about the sling. I can't even sew, so obviously, I'm of no help to you:)

Tasha said...

I love this weather...Its the best thing about Michigan I think...That is until about mid November when it starts to snow..LOL

Lori said...

I love fall too! It's not cold here yet though or even very cool! We are having 80 degree days...I'm ready for low 70's!!

" T " said...

I got up in the middle of the night last week and turned our heat on too. It was freezing!! I guess it's officially autumn, huh?

la bellina mammina said...

Boy, I miss it when the leaves change color.