Monday, November 03, 2008

Squeaky Duck

Listen to my lab story. We went to PetSmart last week and stocked up on doggy stuff. Treats, toys, a new HUGE rawhide bone that takes her a while to chew through, and a couple other things. Kenny found a squeaky toy, it was a duck, which was a new concept because we've never given her a squeaky toy before. When we got home we immediatly got out the squeaky toy and threw it and told her to go get her toy....she ran over to it, sniffed, and whined. Our dog almost never whines or barks. Kenny worked with her this weekend and got her to fetch it like she does with the ball, but when she picks it up, she holds it very gingerly in her mouth and if it squeaks, she sets it down, and whines this weird sounding whine. I can't figure it she playing the motherly role with the duck? Is she afraid of it? Does she think it's her friend or baby?? It's crazy how she reacts to it. This morning I turned on the light in her room (yes, she has her own room) and there was the duck in her bed. She wasn't snuggling with it, but it was laying next to her. Go figure. If only dogs could talk!

I'm getting up EARLY to vote tomorrow and hoping to make it to work on time. What are you doing? Voting before, after, during work, already voted, taking the kids with you (Tasha & Linsday)?? I'm curious! Do tell!


Vader's Mom said...

So sweet! Vader has his squeaky toys and they only squeak when we are on the phone. Other than that he hates to hear it.

Jeff & I both had the chance to early vote. Glad I took it - otherwise I might not have made it home in time tomorrow.

Lori said...

It almost sounds like she thinks its her baby...weird! (and funny!) I love that she has her own room! hee-hee!
I am voting tomorrow as soon as school is out!!

" T " said...

The dog has made a new best friend in the duck! Our dogs have squeaky toys and they are fine until the decide they want to play with them in the middle of the night. Then I have to get up and be the man mom and take the toys aways -- I need my sleep! Mean ol' Mom.

Tasha said...

ha what a silly puppy :)