Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chapped Lips

I should be fired from blogging!

My NEW New Years Resolution is to be a better blogger.

Time just gets away from me lately! Kenny has been so busy and I'm working with him on weekends and doing masters class stuff and trying to spring clean early. Why, you ask? Not really sure, maybe all the construction dust from our new room in the basement. I just feel like it needs to be done. I promised a video of the pup going crazy in the snow last week...here she is in all her glory, happy toting around a stupid pale...it doesn't take much to make her smile!

On the pregnancy topic, I'm still feeling WONDERFUL. I think I felt so miserable for so long that just feeling normal again is even better than I ever thought possible. I can't tell you how great it is to NOT have my head stuck in a toilet every day! I will do a couple prego pics this weekend. My excuse today is the camera is charging, that's the truth too. I will capture the moment this weekend though. I have some pregnancy questions for all you momma pros out there. I drink lots of water, especially now, and even though I use chapstick every single day, it's as if my lips aren't registering that there's chapstick on them and are constantly stinging. What is this??? Anyone ever had this problem? I put vasaline on them at night sometimes, but nothing is really working. I mean the chapstick works a little, but really, my lips are burning all the time from being so raw. Not fun. Any suggestions?

I'm off to work on masters stuff. Now that I have grown out of my regular pants, when I come home, I put on Kenny's favorite fleece pants and a big ole sweatshirt that he also loves....I think by the time I have this baby, I'll have taken over his whole wardrobe. He's isn't minding yet.

One more baby thing ('cause it's all I talk about apparently)...we are slated to find out what we're having NEXT Thursday...any guesses??


Tasha said...

I've missed you!!!!

Lori said...

I say BOY! A little Kenny...yep, that's my prediction!!

Krystyn said...

So, for the lips...you are going to think this is funny. That lanolin stuff that you buy for your nipples for breast feeding is awesome. It's 10 bucks and you will probably need it eventually..so why not buy it now for your lips.

If you feel funny putting it on your lips, I know of a company called LanoLips that sells stuff especially for your lips with lanolin in it. Email me and I could give you the contact info...and a coupon code I think is still good.

" T " said...

Sorry girl, I can't help you with the lip stuff. I'd say take Krystyn's suggestion. As for the baby sex, since Lori said boy, I'm going for GIRL! We need a picture of you though. They say boys are carried lower than girls (they also say your butt gets wider with boys, but I'm not about to ask you to post that! LOL)