Monday, March 30, 2009

Catching Up

I've tried to start a new entry a bazillion times but the interruptions at work and at home are so continuous!!!! I'm such a bad blogger! I'm 27w3d and counting....still feeling pretty good. I get really sluggish in the late afternoons, then a small energy spurt, and then NOTHING by the evening. I just want to lay down. So I've been getting as much done at work in the morning as I can and as much done at home as I can early in the day. There are 5 pregos at my work right now (can you tell last year was a rough one at work? hehehe) and I've crocheted two baby blankets so far. I didn't get a picture of the first one, but it was super cute, a medium blue and a navy blue striped baby size blanket. The second one is for a baby girl whose mama doesn't "do" pink, so it's a lime green blanket and after I finish the last row tonight I'll get a's also super cute! Make fun of crocheting all you want, but I love it! Especially when I'm pretty much couch-bound from 8pm on! I think I'll work on my own baby's after that! All these things I've made other babies and now I get to make something for my own!! I'm so excited! One last bit of baby news, we ordered the crib's the link to it.

It's gorgeous! And not THAT pricey. I really like the look of the standard crib, not so much the sleigh convertable ones, plus my mom has bunk beds, two twin beds, and a full size bed waiting for me to put to use when our baby outgrows the crib, so I decided to get more of a plain crib and not a convertable one. It reminds me of my own crib (I remember from pictures)! My mom will be here on spring break to help me put the baby's room together and any painting or finishing of the room we have to do, including putting the crib together. I'm looking forward to that!!

I have been swimming at the gym and not walking lately. The treadmill makes my stomach hurt and so does the eliptical, so I have given in to exclusively swimming. I feel great when I'm in the pool, and exhausted when I get out, but my OBGYN says that's fine as long as I'm not overexerting, which I'm not. I gave up walking the dog for now, she's still so hyper on the leash and she pulls and runs too fast for me. So she runs her paths in the backyard and at the parks we take her to.

I do have pictures to post of my and my prego self, but I have to reserve a time to get to my own computer at home! Imagine that!! Kenny needs to hurry up and get his office situated and OUT OF MINE soon!!!! Pictures coming soon, I promise!


Tasha said...

Can't wait to see the blankets...I'm still "thinking" about my blanket for Ben, LOL.

Lori&Kevin said...

Oh, I love the crib!! and, I wouldn't make fun of crocheting...i am jealous!!!

RoozGal said...

I wish I could crochet. My mom tried to teach me when I was a kid, but I was too impatient. She's taught my daughter now and she is getting pretty good.

Krystyn said...

Can't wait to see the pictures of the blankets! I think that's cool that you've made them.