Friday, October 23, 2009

No sleep for me!

I should be sleeping but if I don't post now I won't for a few days! I survived parent teacher conferences. Now I have a field trip to the orchard tomorrow and then a fun weekend with one of my BFFs visiting from Georgia. I'm so excited thinking about 33opm tomorrow. No more responsibilities other than my own.....Carson!!!

He started playing in the exersaucer this week. He loves it!!!
This is how he sleeps. He has done this since he was just weeks old. Those hands behind his silly! He reminds me of an old man when I peek in on him sleeping and see this. It still makes me smile every single time!

And this picture is just here because his expression is adorable. And the rattle he's wearing...

Now off to sleep, what few hours I'll be getting!

1 comment:

Tasha said...

LINDSEY....Wasn't he like just born..How can he be in the saucer like that. We need to sit down with that son of yours and tell him TO.STOP.GROWING!

love ya