Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Letter To Santa

Dear Santa,

I am not asking for presents this year. Instead, I just want to keep the things I already have. And with that, please include my sanity. You see, I still have the rest of today (it's not even 10am yet) and tomorrow to get through with my students. And they are not acting very nicely. They are off the hook, actually. Please deliver large amounts of coal to their stockings on Christmas Eve because they are not so deserving of presents this year. In the last month, I have had to make 15 phone calls because of negative behavior. I have had to constantly remind them to BE NICE TO EACH OTHER. It goes WAY beyond not talking and folding their arms in the hallway. They are just plain mean to each other. I'm not sure if they don't care or if it's because they are the "smart" class and think they can get away with it. But I really want them to know that they can't. My head is pounding, allergies are in full swing, temper is SHORT, and I am just running out of niceness. Could you PLEASE wrap up a bottle of sanity (or maybe just a mudslide) and put it under my tree a little early? Like maybe TODAY? That's all I'm asking for.

Thanks and Merry Christmas.



Lori said...

HaaaaHaaaa!! A big 'ole Amen! Good one!

Krystyn said...

I feel you!

And, then one of my sweet kids brought me a gift. Don't think I've gotten a gift before.