Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Doing NOTHING and Lovin' It!!

Oh what an amazing day I've had so far. It's one of those days you always dream about before the holidays but never quite happens. Today, it happened. I have stayed home ALL day and the only time I'm going to leave the house is to deliver the neighborhood treats and cards on foot. I have been in my comfy sweats (yes, I DID indeed shower) and my hair is in a ponytail and I have been cleaning, doing laundry, and playing with the baby all day. I made some yummy xmas treats too, but nothing strenuous. I have also had the heating pad on my shoulder several times throughout the day which gives me an excuse to SIT DOWN which I often need! Anyway, my point through all this rambling is that I have accomplished the day I have been looking forward to for several weeks. To just be home and relaxing. Kenny is out still shopping....hehehe procrastinator!!!


Lori said...

I love days like that! :-)

Tasha said...

Merry 1st Christmas Carson...And to all the Lindsey Family!