Sunday, February 28, 2010

Home Bound

Yesterday was so busy!! I'm thankful to have today at home. Even though it's going to be spend cleaning and doing laundry, at 3pm we're doing NOTHING but watching USA vs Cananda olympic hockey. YAY!!!

The baby and I were with Kenny working all day yesterday. He was so good the whole day. Carson is very content in the stroller just hanging out with his toys. My inlaws were there to help watch him when Kenny needed me and they just adore him and love watching him. Carson was so into everything going on that he skipped both his naps and didn't fall asleep until I got in the car to go home around 4pm. And then he was KNOCKED out!!
Here are some pictures from the 100th day of school (Thursday) and the cakes I made. They were a hit, everyone commented on how good they tasted!! I almost caved and bought 3 cakes but changed my mind and I'm so glad I did! It would have actually saved $$$ buying them and having them decorated, but I enjoyed making and decorating them, so it was worth it. The group shot is of the elementary teachers I go into battle with every day. Talk about warriors! Love them!! We are all sporting our 100th day shirts, made by the teacher right in the middle. I have worked with one of them for 8 years, and the rest of them anywhere from 1 to 7 years. I am so blessed to have them by my side every day.


Lori said...

Awesome job on the cakes!! Wish I had a piece! ha!

Krystyn said...

Look at you guys going all out! I don't even know when 100 days is..I'm pretty sure it's passed, though.