Wednesday, April 14, 2010


More milestones!! Where is that baby book? I better get this all recorded pronto!

Carson ate "real" food tonight. I made buckwheat pancakes. (I LOVE breakfast for dinner!!). I made an extra one just tear up and see if he would eat it, or even if he could eat it. I put a piece in my mouth and then he mimicked me with nothing in his chubby fingers. Then he tried to get the piece of pancake on his finger, but he's not quite sure how to do that yet, so most of the pieces ended up in his lap or on the floor, leaving the dog VERY happy. Carson did end up getting some pieces in his mouth and he was so excited and I was so excited and it was just so cute!
Thanks to all those who comment on the Mommy & Me posts....I just haven't had time to respond or look at pics lately on their blogs, work is crazy and when I get home it's all baby time! But I promise to catch up soon!

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Lori said...

And the dog was happy...I bet Carson is his best friend! ha!
Love those chubby little fingers!