Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lovin' Fall

Oooooohhhh I love this time of year, when the leaves make the air a little more crisp, when long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts come out of hiding, when sunny days are warmed only to about 60 degrees (in Michigan!), when I can break out my pumpkin spiced candles, and the list goes on and on. And having a walking one year old only makes it better! Back to school time is over (thank goodness) because that always causes so much anxiety and guilt for me now that I'm a mom. We've been back five weeks (only 2 with kids) and it's safe to say the school year is rolling along. And that's why I love the fall so much! The only downfall is that my hubs will be absent several times from our lives to go and get our "winter food" if you know what I mean LOL. But I have tons of things to do and many people and places on our list to visit so Carson and Momma will be busy in his absence. And of course, we will miss him!

I thought about and actually started a classroom blog this summer to keep parents communicating with me through the computer which seems to be easier. However, during PD in August, our principal decided all teachers should have a wiki page instead of a blog, which I think is a great idea!! If you've never seen or made a wiki page, it's like comparing myspace to facebook....myspace is like a blog where you can decorate and personalize. Facebook is plain without decoration and is just full of information. A wiki page is like facebook (in a school sense, that is!) where we just upload information and documents. There's no decoration or much personalization, which is awesome for teacher pages!! I created mine and it's as easy as using microsoft word, very user friendly and only takes a couple minutes, which is perfect because at school I have ZERO time for any extra anything.

Here are a couple pictures of my new classroom this year. It's TONS bigger than the rooms I've had in the past! Enjoy..................

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Lori said...

Your room is HUGE!! I love it! I wish it felt like fall around is still in the 90's here. I am ready for the cool weather and the football games, hot chocolate, sweatshirts...ahhh!