Saturday, October 21, 2006

Surprise Surprise

Friday was a LONG, BUSY, day. It started with a bijillion questions about our field trip to the apple orchard, then the actual field trip, which was tons of fun but always tons of work for teachers, then an hour to kill once we got back to school (kids are SO HYPER after getting back from trips), and then a quick doctors appointment, and then 3 hours of group work for my college class at one of my group member's houses. ENOUGH! I got into my car at 9:30pm to drive home for the last time of the day, and Kenny calls and needs me to stop and get him something. So I do. And I remember that Saturday is Sweetest Day, and I get him a card. We have always given each other cards for this silly holiday, and I even thought that maybe this year he wouldn't remember because I hadn't up until the point where I saw the card section at the store. Oh well, if he doesn't remember, I don't mind. I can still give him a card. So I get home, and he's standing at the door, like a little kid, and I get a big hug and kiss and I know something is up. He moves to the side and there are 2 dozen white roses, a huge thing of chocolates, and some coffee cake for breakfast in the morning. And a card, and his cards are always THE BEST.

OMG!! I was speechless. Here I am, with my measly card and no gift, and here he is, with everything! How cute is that? He is the best, he really is. Happy Sweetest Day Honey!


Lindsay said...

what a sweety!

I would SO love to get flowers and chocolates! I am jealous!

hugs to yah!~

Tasha said...

Awwww....I hate you... NO JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!Ilove you and Kenny because he is just a great guy. What a sweety you have on sweetest day. Chris told me my ring was my gift for the next 8 years....hehe!

What apple orchard were you at on friday? Hannah's class went to Wairds in Ypsi on Friday. Maybe you crossed paths. let me know!

Tee-T said...

Awwwww....what a sweet guy you have. Lucky girl!