Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Jerk, cheap, literal, in that order!!

I was happily engaged in strength training at the gym tonight after my 30 minute cardio stint on the treadmill, and I had been eyeing one particular machine for about 10 minutes. The same guy had been using it and I was patiently watching to see when he was done so I could go next. So he gets up and takes his towel with him, leaving me to assume he's done, right?
As I lean over to adjust the weight settings, he rudely says, "I'm not done, I'm just taking a break."
Taking a break? TAKING A BREAK??
How can you be taking a break and still have dibs on the machine? That's not how it works! You walked away from it with your towel! Hello! Take your turn buddy and get your #*@ out of the way so I can work my arms!
That's not what I said, but believe me, I wanted to. I've become more outspoken in the last few years (thanks to you-know-who), but not that outspoken. I did, however, shoot him a dirty look and wait till he was "done" so I could get my turn. And my dirty looks are ruthless. So I hope he sees my mean face in his head still.
On a lighter note, I took the advice of Tasha about getting some mesh bags to help with the laundry situation. I bought the device and put it together. And then it fell apart. Is it bad that it won't HOLD all of our laundry?? After I picked up the pieces and put them back in the box, and fished the receipt from the trash, I think I figured out the problem. It's probably not a good idea to pick the cheapest laundry organizer on the shelf, especially when the amount of laundry is HUMUNGOUS (sp?)!!! So this weekend I will take the hunk of junk back and get a better quality laundry organizer. I guess my cheap days are over...sigh...
I know I talk about my students too much here, but I can't help it. With no kids of my own yet, they take the place of what would be "my kids."
Somehow, I used the comment "Sorry Charlie" to one of my girls today. Everyone heard me say it, and the girl, H, that I said it to asked, "Miss L, what does that mean?" I laughed because every now and then I'll say something goofy like that and realize that they are too young to know what I'm talking about. Anyway, I explained that it sort of meant to be out of luck. Some of the kids got it, and we went on about our day. Some time later, I overhear the same girl, H, and another girl, M, discussing who gets to take my flashcards home for the night.
H says, "It's my turn to take them home. You had them on Thursday."
M says, "Sorry Chucky (mimmicking my "Sorry Charlie"), Miss L said I could." (which I didn't)
H says, "It's Sorry Charlie, not Chucky, and I'm telling Miss L that you said that."
I swooped into the conversation before any tattling took place and said something about my ears not listening to tattling, and that was that. But isn't that funny how they are so literal, even with mistakes?? Sponges, I tell ya. They are all sponges!

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Tasha said...

1st-what an ass
2nd-so stupid
3rd so cute