Sunday, November 12, 2006


This weekend I indulged in lots of "me" time. Since I didn't have work on Friday, I met a couple teacher-friends and we raided The Scrap Box in Ann's a store that has lots of scraps left over from companies and warehouses and they donate things to be used in bulk. So we stocked up on arts and crafts supplies for holiday art! After that I worked out (I'm being sooooo good about it right now) and we rented a couple movies.

Saturday I met a good friend (since we were in nursery school) at a craft show to get some Christmas shopping done. OMG did I just say Christmas shopping???? Ahhhh! I actually got a lot of shopping done! And I got tons of new ideas for my own crafts. Usually I make lots of gifts, but the only things I think I'll be making this year are cards and candles. Everything else takes a back seat to school work. After the craft show, we had lunch/dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. Yummy. When I got home, K was in an exceptionally restless mood, so we did a little more shopping (I LOVE it that my man likes to shop!) and got a few more gifts purchased. We are so on top of things this year. FYI-Bath and Body Works is having a 4/$10 sale on hand soap....great gifts! I stocked up on those for gifts too!

Today we (I) did the usual cleaning and laundry. Which leads me to the ultimate question: How do you keep your dirty laundry area neat????? Keep in mind we are still in an apartment (with our own washer and dryer) but all the dirties are in a closet, on the floor, stacked up to who knows where. It's awful. Good thing no one sees it, 'cause I'd catch hell. I guess I did just dish my own 'dirty' secret on the internet, but seriously, I need help! Any suggestions on what to buy to keep it organized?? I've tried the laundry baskets and hampers, and they just aren't big enough. Am I making it worse by wanted to be organized like that? Should I give up? Suggestions?

Another cool thing I did today....I talked to Tasha on the phone! We had a great conversation and she's just as COOL on the phone as she is on her blog! I think we were both nervous because we have been blogging buddies for a while now, and you really get to know someone's life through their blog, at least from what's posted, so when we chatted in person, it was kinda strange at first but then really fun because there is so much to talk about!

I am already up waaaaaaay too late just putzing around, trying to avoid going to sleep because that means Monday morning will be here! This weekend has been so nice...not only was it 3 days, but I didn't do ONE OUNCE OF COLLEGE OR SCHOOL WORK AT ALL! Now that's what I'm talking about!


Mary-LUE said...

Wow! It sounds like you definitely filled up your free time. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. How fun to connect with a blog friend.

About the laundry, I can not help you. I am a mess as is my laundry area.

Have a good week!

Tasha said...

Yay, you think I'm cool?! Just kidding, I really enjoyed our talk, can't wait to do it again! About the laundry...promise not to make fun of me, we have a different color basket for different color clothes. The color of the basket descirbes the clothes that go in it. I try to do at least one load per day and always put them away when I am done. If you get behind its so hard to keep up. Also if you don't have room for the baskets try the mesh bags...they work good to.

Lindsay said...

I am jealous! I wanna talk on the phone! HAHAH!

Tee-T said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend, Lindsey. How lucky are you that your man loves to shop??

I can so relate to your laundry problem! If you find a solution, let me know. I'm trying hard these days to stay on top of the laundry...usually washing every other day. Of course, I work from home so this would be easier for me than it would be for you. Have you checked Maybe you can find a solution there.

Tee-T said...

OOOPS! The website I was referring to in the comment above is actually: