Sunday, December 10, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 28th birthday!

There are several reasons why I haven't posted in 4 days:

*Wednesday was Parent Teacher Conferences.....LONG day.

*Thursday Kenny took me to a Red Wings game as an early celebration for my birthday since he's out of town now.

*Friday I called in sick because I REALLY WAS SICK.


Back to the Wings game. They won in over time! It was awesome! I knew at the game I was getting sick too, but I still enjoyed myself and loved every minute of it. I went to bed wondering if I was going to call in sick the next day. Sure enough I woke up feeling awful. Urgent care was a horrible experience. Usually, I can be in and out of there in 45 minutes, and that includes a prescription! But this time, with a fever, my head pounding, and the bones in my face aching so badly, I waited FOREVER! I knew I had a sinus infection. And I was right. So 3 hours later and in MUCH MORE PAIN, and got home and went to bed for the rest of the day. The pain in my face finally stopped at about midnight. The worst part about it was that I had to cancel my birthday party with my girls on Friday night. I hated making that phone call. We had all been looking forward to it since our last get-together in August. But I couldn't go sick! So Kenny took care of me on Friday and yesterday I sent him to work promising him I was fine alone, and I was. I slept a lot, and I feel now like I just have a cold.

Last night Kenny's parents gave me a cake and my present, and because Kenny is leaving to go out of town today, I am going to my dad's house for part of the day. Then a couple friends are meeting me for dinner tonight, and tomorrow my mom and I are going shopping together (I took a personal day off). Kenny comes back on Tuesday, and he'll take me out for dinner and then a surprise, whatever that means. When Kenny says "surprise" it doesn't usually mean that. It means something silly, but I love it anyway!

So despite the canceled plans and sickness, I'm still having a Happy Birthday!


Lindsay said...

Happy birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear ~EY,

... and many more!

Tasha said...

Happy Birthday LGirly! So Sorry to hear that you were (are) sick. I am right there with you. The pressure is enough to drive anyone carzy. Anyways I hope you have a great day and I'll call you later to say it in person. Love Ya.

Anonymous said...

Add my voice to the choir singing Happy Birthday! 28... It has been a looooong time since I saw that number! ;)

Hope you are feelin' better soon.

Tee-T said...

Oh my, how'd I miss this post on my earlier visit? Happy BELATED Birthday!! You don't need a cake and presents...getting to be "only 28" is present enough! Hmmpph!!

Hope you enjoyed your day!!