Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thirteen Ways To Relax..........For FREE!

1. Take a bubble bath with the lights out.

2. Light a few soft scented candles.

3. Make something for yourself or someone else.

4. Post on your blog.

5. Read others' blogs.

6. Make cookies (only if you ENJOY it!).

7. Soak your feet.

8. Drink a cup of tea.

9. Email a good friend you haven't seen in a while.

10. Rub your entire body with sweet smelling lotion.

11. Read a magazine you love from cover to cover (PEOPLE is my favorite!)

12. Watch TV and zone out.

13. Write a letter (a real one!).

Now, if I could only take my own advice!

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Lori said...

Great list! As a teacher, I need to just print 'em! ha! The only thing I'll add is a cup of hot chocolate and grandma's quilt!

Lindsay said...

wow, i need to relax!

Tee-T said...

I'm with ya on all but #6! Being the non-homemaker person I am, #6 would totally stress me out! Oh, and can we change #8 to a Pibb? And maybe throw in a KitKat bar for good balance?

Anonymous said...

Just what I needed with all the stress from the wedding, Chris and the kids!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love that list, especially the part about "free" :)