Friday, January 19, 2007

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Wanna see something.........
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Here ya go:
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It's the wild man himself. This was taken 4 1/2 years ago, after about 3 weeks of dating. Can you imagine what I was thinking about him at this point?? There was some alcohol involved (it was a cousin's wedding), but I do remember thinking exactly that........HE'S WILD!
And he's still that way now, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE him for it. Talk about adding spice to my life! There is NEVER a dull moment around here. Ever.
Ironically, this morning he complained that I didn't talk about him enough on my blog. I had no idea......I think I talk about him too much! But this catagory is PERFECT in every way to talk about Kenny.
In other news, I'm drowning with this thesis paper. I HAVE to finish it before we move, because that's just too much stress on a person while they're moving. But here I sit, yet again, on an evening when we could be out having a great time (you know the feeling, right Amy??) with some friends. And I'm getting no I've learned that when I get to the point where my mind isn't producing anything worthy of a good grade, I maximize the internet window and OOPPPS there's a blog or 2 to read, a few emails to catch up on, and before I know it, an hour has passed and maybe, just maybe, I can attempt to work on the paper with a fresh mind. That's my excuse for posting tonight. I need a break.
And speaking of breaks, we are headed out of town for a convention that Kenny is attending. We are staying at an amazing resort, kinda like heaven almost, at least that's what the website looks like! There's an inside theme park, shopping, pools and hot tubs galore, and lots of other stuff. It's work for Kenny, and it's a vacation for me. The only bad thing is, I'll probably be thinking about how much work I SHOULD be doing on my paper. Who cares though, right?? What's going 3 more days unfinished anyway? I'm sure in this fab resort place we're staying at, there will be internet, so I'll check back when we're settled Saturday afternoon. And until we leave in the morning, I'll be here, at my computer, trying to make a 40-60 page paper from the 10 that I have already done.


Lindsay said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what a cool picture too, I am a BIG fan of black and white!


Great photo.

Tee-T said...

Looks like you've got your hands full -- a wild man and a paper to finish. You're gonna have to cage that boy so you can get some work done!! But aren't wild boys the best?

Pugsley Toes said...

The picture is a perfect example of the "wild" you experience every day with Kenny. That picutre really sums it all up. Have a wonderful time at the resort. You need this time to clear your mind and relax...getting away from it ALL (the paper, work, the house and everything else). Have a blast and call me when you get back!

Anonymous said...

cute pic

YAY a mini vacation. Can't wait to see more "wild" pictures of you and Kenny