Saturday, February 17, 2007


I am on the verge of complete relief. Any second now, I am going to get into my car (after bundling up because the weather is brutal around here), and drive the 1 mile to the post office.

I will then:
  • walk into the post office
  • address a priority mail envelope with mentor's info
  • place my 40 page thesis paper in the envelope
  • begine feeling small bouts of anxiety because all my work and time is going to be graded in a matter of days
  • force myself to seal the envelope and not look for any other things that I could possibly but needlessly change
  • go to the counter and request the envelope to be tracked so I don't get screwed
  • watch as the clerk stamps the envelope and tosses it emotionlessly into the outgoing mail tub
  • breathing rapidly, my legs will lead me back to my car where it's warm
  • put my head on the steering wheel and cry because it's done and I can't change one more thing, and I can't call my dad to have him edit it just one more time
  • drive home to Kenny and sit on the couch and think about all the things I COULD HAVE done before turning it in

This is what I think will happen. When I get the nerve to get dressed and make that 1 mile drive, I'll finish this post and you'll know what REALLY happens.



It's done. I mailed it! And I really did get the queasy tummy feeling, and I felt like I was going to puke as I handed over the envelope, but I did it, and it's done, and I'm home and OH SO HAPPY! I can't believe that I don't have to work on it anymore, that's how much it consumed my life EVERY DAY. What a feeling!

I called my dad on my way home from the post office to tell him. I think he was just as relieved as I more phone calls asking him silly ridiculus questions about a comma or somthing. He probably feels just as good.

To change the subject BECAUSE I CAN NOW!! my flowers started drooping rather quickly, so I came up with a quick remedy for them. I thought because the roses were so heavy and still not fully bloomed, I needed to save them somehow from snapping off the top of the step. And this is what I did:

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They look absolutely gorgeous! I had to play around with the camera too, so here's some more....

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Tasha said...

congrats on the paper. The flowers are gorgous like that! I love them on flickr too.

Lindsay said...

Those flowers are beautiful!!!
GREAT pictures!

Lori said...

I am SO happy for you!! What a load off!!! Thanks for helping me get motivated with my project Saturday - since I got it done so early, I headed out of town to see Kevin & I didn't think I'd be able to! yay!

BTW, the flowers are gorgeous!